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Skyrocket Your Landing Page Conversions with These Tips

A survey found that testing and targeting of landing pages, when done well, can help increase conversions by as much as 300%.

By Jesse Ocean 15th June, 2023

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Are You Tracking All 3 Types of ROI?

When your marketing strategies are failing, where do you invest your time and money to get them back on track? Start by categorising your efforts into these 3 macrostrategies.

By Jesse Ocean 16th September, 2022

By Jesse Ocean 27th April, 2020

Pivoting and Community

I want to explain to you why every single business, no matter what size or industry you’re from, can successfully beat this downturn of a pandemic. It’s affected all of us, but it doesn’t have to mean that some of us are in survival mode, it means that we can actually go into thriving mode.

By Jesse Ocean 19th February, 2020

Jesse’s Goal Setting And Goals For 2020

Nearly all of our workplaces across the global community have been affected by the pandemic. A lot of you are being forced to trial remote working, and therefore venturing into uncharted territory. I wanted to help our community the best way I could; share our experience and recommendations.

By Jesse Ocean 27th September, 2019

Web Development in Melbourne: What’s Hot and What’s Not

If you’re reading this article, you’re one of the savvy few who knows how important it is to keep your website prepared for the future. A number of business owners and marketers are currently planning to make sure that their websites are prepared for 2020.

By Jesse Ocean 30th August, 2019

All You Need to Know About Web Development for Your Business

When you want to create an online presence for your business, it is important to learn about the basics of web development and why it is worth it to work alongside professional developers to launch your official website.

By Jesse Ocean 31st July, 2019

Building A Website with Responsive Web Design

If you’ve ever visited a site with your mobile device and noticed that it doesn’t fit your screen correctly, it probably doesn’t have a responsive web design.

web design tools we use

By Jesse Ocean 7th June, 2019

Top 15 Web Design Tools We Can’t Live Without

The web design sub-sector has experienced a significant number of inventions in the recent past. Every day the market is presented with unique and innovative tools that help individuals and design companies in carrying out their tasks.

How to choose the right Web Development Company

By Jesse Ocean 30th May, 2019

8 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Web Development Company for Your Business

Hiring the right web development company can do a ton for your online presence. For most businesses today, the first interaction that their potential customers have with them is through the company’s website.

By Jesse Ocean 25th April, 2019

Qualities of a Good Web Design Company

Having a great website is of utmost importance regardless of your business. In fact, even professionals today are in need of a good website to build their personal brands.

By Jesse Ocean 28th March, 2019

Why It’s Time to Think of Hiring A Web Design Company

Launching and managing your own business is a great way to pave a future for yourself that includes plenty of freedom and flexibility.

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Discover the top 9 common problems in low-performing websites and how you can avoid them. Plus get bonus tips on how to stop your business from losing leads and maximise it as a lead-and-sales generating tool.

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UI / UX design

Improved user satisfaction pre vs post-new website launch

Result = 6.4/10 => 9.7/10


Facebook/Google ad campaign

Dramatically increased ad ROI on product purchases

Result = 2,400% ROAS


B2B lead gen campaign

Acquired and nurtured high-quality niche b2b leads for client to convert

Result = ROI at 350%