By Jesse Ocean  |   23rd January 18


Internet Marketing Trends of 2018: The Heavy Hitters – How an Internet Marketing Agency Can Help You Hit the Target

2018 has seen a steady upward curve as far as internet marketing is concerned. Online marketing is always an eventful industry and this trend is all set to continue. For any organisation to thrive, no matter where its market, the bare minimum in the arsenal is to have a website. A business has to be found online for it to succeed. Yet, a website is not enough; internet marketing has to be utilised.

In this respect, in line with massive innovation in the tech world, there have been a number of top digital marketing trends, often engineered by internet marketing agencies. Some of these new trends are discussed below –

  • Video Live streaming

As predicted by Forbes last year, live video streaming has been picked up and is currently ranked highly in the arena. Social media has become top-of-the-list  for any reputable internet marketing agency today as users want more in-the-moment content. This has been taken a notch higher by app makers who have added live streaming functionality to most applications on Facebook and Twitter.

This trend began a few years ago, being utilised by brands and individuals and is now  used universally. It is on an upward trajectory and will keep growing over the coming years. Thanks to faster internet speeds, live streaming is a phenomenon whose time has come. Consumers and users want to stream wherever they are.

  • Mobile indexing based organic rankings

This year has seen Google introduce a shift in how it ranks websites. Websites with mobile-friendly landing pages continue being ranked highly. Companies who have done well have made sure that their websites have both a great desktop view and equally great mobile landing pages.

Moreover, companies have realised the importance of having one voice on all the devices that a consumer might want to use. The content that is being marketed has to be similar on every device, making sure that the business’ voice is seamless on multiple devices.

Not only has this revolutionised internet marketing, but it has ensured that advertisers  reach more traffic. Most companies have responded by coming up with clever mobile SEO strategies. We have seen companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon come up with applications that can be used easily on mobile phones and tablets, generating colossal leads.

  • Content marketing

Quality content has been the driving force behind any major internet marketing strategy. An upsurge in online businesses world wide has meant targeting specific audiences with consumer trends has greatly changed. Traditional methods of advertising have become less powerful as consumers generally shy away from advertising that tends to intrude into their normal ways of life. This has meant that for a product to sell, its advertising has to be very finely targeted and directed.

Today, content written for internet marketing has to be of great quality. Fluffy, poorly written content, click-bait, doesn’t work anymore. Descriptive and creative content is undoubtedly selling the goods faster and more precisely. Importantly, internet marketing content is being narrowed down to the smallest demographic in order to remain relevant and impactful.

  • Increased buying arenas

While it is evident that online shopping has taken centre stage, the question has been how to create avenues to accommodate more and more online shoppers. Today, every company has an online marketing platform that is more versatile and responsive than ever. In this ever crowded environment, consumers are finding it more convenient to purchase online and do away with the hassles that come with physical shopping.

Internet marketers have identified a huge opportunity by advertising more aggressively on these platforms. The fact that almost everything today runs online or has an online extension has meant that it is easier to turn traffic into sales. Popularly referred to as conversion rate optimisation (CRO), the trend has seen many website page visits turned into a sale or another action desired by the business.

Interestingly, many vendors have come up with apps that are mobile friendly, and are advertising with internet marketing agencies. This has played a key role in converting potential buyers before they move to the vendors’ web-page.

  • Data visualisation tools

This trend has grown exponentially in the last twelve months. Most companies have adopted data visualisation tools that break down all the numbers into meaningful and ‘digestible’ data. It is pretty hard for the brain to break down raw data and draw it into actionable content for the business. Now thanks to a revolutionised way of using these data visualisation tools it is easy to know the  impacts on a company’s online marketing strategy.

How can you use an internet marketing agency to utilise this trends?

Outsourcing your marketing will help you tap into a pool of professionals specialising in internet marketing. A good internet marketing agency will have a lot of actionable ideas, possess statistical data and competitive analysis to help your company maximise on all the trends. You will in return benefit greatly from outside experience, acquire leverage on current trends, scale in your marketing, increase productivity among your staff, and  manage costs while at the same time getting access to the latest technologies in the internet marketing industry.

Ooze Studios is on the pulse of these marketing trends and much, much more. If your end goal is success, then Ooze Studios is your internet marketing agency of choice, we have unrivalled expertise in this field. Contact Ooze Studios today and discuss your marketing needs.

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