By oozeweb  |   3rd April 16

Everything in the word that can be connected will be connected. Imagine such a world where machines can make intelligent decisions on their own, communicating in different fields and using various types of technologies like radio frequency identification or sensors. This is made possible using Internet of Things. Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection using a unique identifier of objects which have the capability of communicating with other objects without assistance from human beings through the use of the current internet infrastructure. IPv6 will make use and adoption of IoT possible with the availability of addressing which will be crucial to identify these devices and enable communication with other devices.With an estimation that more than 26 billion devices will be interconnect by 2020, which will boost a revenue of $300 billion on services and products and more, the Internet of Things growth is expected to be huge according to Garner. This is credited to the continued use of IoT in various devices which are available at a low cost.Internet of Things makes life easier and performing tasks more convenient, with monitoring in various fields like health through use of advanced monitoring gadgets for various ailments and disorders plus use of emergency notification systems, which helps save lives. IoT also helps save money and time effectively since the devices have various jobs and will be available at an affordable price.Businesses can enjoy immerse profits through use of various system for sales, marketing, among others to boost and manage their services. Unfortunately even with the advancement and use of IoT there are many concerns which need to be addressed. Privacy is a major issue since hackers and other parties with bad intentions can easily access information available on the web. With transmission of data from multiple devices security and safety will not be guaranteed.Manufacturers may also take advantage of the technology to intrude in peoples life’s by having advertisements appearing in different screens in peoples households which may be as a result of data being shared by businesses. Spreading of viruses, malware or worms may be common with the interconnection of devices which may corrupt both hardware and software and this leads to loss of money and time. Use of Internet of Things will be inevitable in the future, and it will be interesting and important to see how different industries will utilize and overcome various limitations which will make the world a better place.

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