By Jesse Ocean  |   27th November 18

Hiring an SEO Agency Melbourne

Is It Time to Hire An SEO Agency for Your Melbourne Brand?

An SEO agency in Melbourne is proving to be more and more relevant as search engine marketing continues to become an integral part of a business’ strategy in ensuring competitiveness and growth.

Despite a recent digital marketing takeover, however, there are still plenty of business websites out there without proper SEO. Many aren’t even utilising social media platforms to promote products, services, and brand awareness. These companies in question are essentially missing out on a lot of opportunities. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars are wasted, annually, by websites that aren’t implementing any SEO tactics into their digital marketing strategies. But how do you know if it’s time to hire an SEO agency?

As search engine queries become the primary way consumers discover businesses, SEO is becoming increasingly important for companies. The following are 10 clues that it might be time for your business to invest in hiring a dedicated Melbourne SEO company to handle your search engine optimisation efforts.

1. Lack of SEO Consistency

SEO is something that requires regular maintenance both on and off of a website. All content and pages located on a particular website should include complete optimisation, in addition to social media accounts, backlink profiles, and other “off-site” attributes.

While every aspect of a site that requires SEO is enough to keep any agency busy for an indefinite amount of time, SEO practices must be updated regularly to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet. Staying on top of current SEO trends and techniques will necessitate a working knowledge of WordPress, HTML, coding, app support, and analytics If your business or in-house team is unable to do this, then it might be worth looking into an SEO agency that can do this for you.

2. SEO Penalties

Google is notoriously rough on websites that break the time-tested rules of SEO. Even when the rules are bent or broken unintentionally, Google will distribute penalties for any sort of fluffing or “black-hat” practices implemented to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

To avoid an SEO penalty, you would have to make sure that your website is constantly double-checked for duplicate content, keyword stuffing and various actions considered “cheating” by Google.

3. Too Much Content

While content is, indeed, the key to running a successful website, focusing too much on content will not increase traffic or make SEO any better. SEO agencies will help with the optimisation of specific content, but the content, itself, should be informative, entertaining, and helpful to visitors and potential consumers.

All content needs to be related to your website’s niche, following specific topics which users are searching for. If you are struggling with strategic content production, an SEO agency in Melbourne can provide you with topics, as well as analytics relating to your chosen field or topic and content offered by leading competitors. They can also advise you on what forms of content consumers in your particular niche are most likely to enjoy and share.

4. No Time for SEO

Let’s face it, running a website is hard work for one person. Arguably, the responsibilities required will overwhelm the average person, regardless of their experience and dedication. Building a team is not only important for maintaining a website, but for any and every digital marketing strategy. Luckily, SEO agencies can offer you teams of experts, ready to commit to your goals.

5. SEO Isn’t Prioritised

If SEO isn’t a priority for you or your website, something is wrong. The importance of SEO has already been covered, but it sometimes, understandably, takes a backseat to other priorities involved in running a successful business website. SEO agencies will take the reigns and reestablish SEO as a priority in driving traffic to your site.

6. No Results

If no traffic is being led to your site or if no conversions are coming off of your advertising attempts, it might be time to hire an SEO agency. When the return on investment for your marketing attempts is failing, SEO agencies will help you turn everything around.

7. Difficulty in Keeping Up with SEO Changes

Alterations in the world of SEO can often be overwhelming for anyone involved in the field. Even in just a year, SEO can change drastically. Ranking factors are updated ever so often and Google’s algorithms change at the drop of a hat. That being said, most SEO agencies are trained to keep up with the pace of modern SEO.

8. Keyword Effectiveness

There are various reasons for keywords to not work for a particular website or blog. Sometimes, the wrong keywords are chosen and implemented into content, both on and off-site pages. Other times, certain keywords are simply too competitive for a newcomer or fledgling website to break into. Fortunately, SEO agencies are experienced with proper keyword research and can help you choose the right keywords to boost your site, as well as tell you where exactly to place them for higher impact.

9. No Local SEO

Your business’s site isn’t only in competition with huge, international corporations on the internet. The most important competition out there for an up-and-coming business is right in their backyards. 46% of Google searches are local and winning in local SEO is important to ensure customers in your specific area learn about your site and that the products and services you offer are just within their grasp. Likewise, local SEO agencies will best steer your business towards success when it comes to establishing brand awareness locally. If your business or website is based in Melbourne, your best bet is to contact a local SEO agency to help you build a local community and customer base right in your own area.

10. Website Being Subject to Problems

While some issues are best taken up with a security or network agency, if your site is under constant attack from spammers, hackers, and trolls, you might want to invest in the services offered by SEO agencies. Websites that allow visitors to comment or leave reviews on certain pages are susceptible to online attacks and inconveniences. SEO agencies can help spam-proof your site and prevent these happenings from occurring in the future.


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