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Jesse’s Goal Setting And Goals For 2020

I set myself a broad range of goals for 2019, see below for full list. I conquered some, others I failed.

It was an ambitious list but an achievable one… as long as everything “went right”. Which in life, it doesn’t. There wasn’t much wiggle room for life’s curve balls, such as injuries or a consistent uplift in workload.

For this year’s goal setting, I still want to focus on the broad range of habits that make up my life. I’m constantly trying to form new ones that are better for my present and future self.

I’m always thinking, what should the core focus be? What habits or categories are the most important?

I’ve narrowed them down to 4 and the goals I want to achieve for each:

  • Health & Wellbeing – Personal: No hangovers in 2020 (3 drink limit)
  • Health & Wellbeing – Planet: Reduce 1-time consumption usage to 0
  • Knowledge: Read 15 books in 2020
  • Wealth: Grow Ooze team to 12 full timers with current culture


Ultimate Goal

I’ve been playing around terms for achieving a good consistent set of habits.

Ultimate Goal = Knowledge x Wealth x Health x Wellbeing = Knealthing
Ultimate Goal = Knowledge x Wealth x Health = Knealth
Ultimate Goal = Knowledge x Wealth x Health x Wellbeing = Wellthedge

Do any of them work for you? Let me know in the comments section.


Health & Wellbeing – Personal

Last year’s list contained 5 specific sporting goals to achieve in a year. By putting the focus on sporting goals I thought the improvement in health would be a by-product. However, this didn’t work in times of increased workload or injury.

I also found that during those sporting downturns, my drinking would increase.

It’s a natural habit; work stress increases, I can’t exercise, therefore drinking increases. Not to excessive amounts, but enough that I had a hangover on weekends.

So, I’m switching focus. I’m saying no to hangovers in 2020.

I love to exercise. I don’t need a goal to help me with that.

I need a goal to help me in the downturns, the moments of being over-stressed.

I’m also focusing on reducing my meat in-take. However, as I’m travelling for work around the world that becomes very hard. Some cultures don’t understand the word vegetarian.

I once went travelling around Thailand with a vegetarian. Poor bloke, his face was priceless every time he ordered a dish he thought was going to be vego but it arrived with some form of pork balls, or intestines.


Health & Wellbeing – Planet

Looking after the planet and our own environments has never been more important. I don’t need to elaborate as to why. Just open any news app and there are plenty of reasons explaining why.

Having travelled through South Asia for 3 months, the level of consumption of plastic and other 1-time usage materials is scary.

That’s why Carley and I have bought water filtering equipment.

That’s why I’m going to carry around my Keep Cup everywhere I go.

I’m determined to change my habits as I have a responsibility to this planet.

I’m just a short-term tenant in a billion year lease.



I set myself the goal of 15 books in a year for 2019. I didn’t achieve it for various reasons but ultimately it was due to not forming a daily habit. This has all changed now. The amazing Carley bought me a Kindle for Christmas and I’m hooked!

A big thing for me is to make notes on everything I read. I like to re-read over my notes to ensure the facts, techniques, stories, etc really sink in. I never knew you could take notes with a Kindle.

By the end of January 2020 I’ve already read 3 books. I’m more excited than ever to get into bed at 9pm every night and get on my Kindle.



The definition of wealth is “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.”

Some people focus on the money buy money never equals happiness. It will always be a short term, sometimes just immediate, gain.

I focus on increasing the thing that provides with the most value. Ooze Studios.

Ooze Studios will always be first intangible child. It has kicked and screamed its way into being a grown-up. I’m extremely proud of him/her (not sure what gender Ooze is. Maybe non-binary?). Ooze keeps on growing and it makes me so bloody happy.

So, what goal can I set for this category? Ooze wouldn’t be where it is today without the people that drive its creative output every day.

This is why the 2020 goal for wealth is to grow the Ooze team to 12 full timers whilst maintaining the positive working culture.

We’ve got a good, positive culture and we want to continue it.



It’s 6 weeks into 2020 and I’m on track with these goals. I’m feeling good and the no hangovers goal is making me want to maximise my weekends whilst still being able to enjoy a pint or a glass Shardie.


Previous Goals

Goals for 2019

2018 had its lows, mainly from business stresses, but it had a lot of ups to help balance it off. The one constantly amazing ‘thing’ has been Carley Victoria Johnson, thank you for everything you do.

I want every year to be better than the previous, that’s my major objective. However, that’s too hard to measure. So I’ve broken down what will make me happy and set out achievable goals.

I’ve spoken to a few people about their goals for 2019 and we all found it useful to talk about them. Their goals inspired some of mine, and visa versa. Hope you find some use from them for your goal setting:

Personal Development

+ read 15 books
+ complete 1 course / learn a new skill or subject
+ no Facebook access on mobile
+ watch TED talks, or likewise, every week

Health & Fitness

+ exercise 20 days per month
+ yoga once per week
+ win a men’s indoor football trophy
+ join a sports club
+ play an 11 side match

Business & Finance

+ make $500,000+ in revenue for clients
+ grow team to 15
+ help ooze team reach their 2019 goals
+ beat ooze budget

Environment & Charity

+ follow the Pick Up 3 movement
+ buy the big issue every month


+ call 1 friend every week
+ call 1 family member every week
+ be home by 6pm twice per week

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