This Melbourne exhibition asked national and international artists from all different mediums to interpret what half meant. Where is the half way point of creation? How do you measure where the half way point is? Do you look at using half the materials? Half the time spent on creation?

The exhibition was a great success and included graphic designers, sound artist, graffiti artists, and fine art painters among the large group of creatives that submitted work.

The purpose of the website was to “hang the artworks” on the web so it maximised the potential for a sale for the artist. The site was also to provide a time extension to the exhibition, so the site had to make each artwork pop whilst not interfering with the other artworks.

There are many dynamic gallery options available nowadays but we chose to go more literal route this time. We are pleased with the resulting design; good use of white space whilst keeping the viewers’ senses involved. It truly feels like you are looking at the artworks in a gallery.



Half Exhibition – Web Dev & Design