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Pokemon Go

02 Jul: Pokemon Go: The New Wave of AR?

Pokemon Go, which incorporated AR (Augmented reality, or AR, the superimposition of digital/virtual elements onto the real world, is fast becoming a trend nowadays. ) as part of its core gameplay has been described by Honest Game Trailers as “Google Maps + mild cardio + Paper Toss”, which is hardly surprising considering that Google partnered with Nintendo to make this game. First conceived as an April Fool’s joke, Pokémon Go soon materialised with locations borrowed from Niantic’s other AR hit, Ingress.

09 Apr: SEO Copywriting Tips for Mobile Marketing

Google recently rolled out a mobile-first system that instructs search engines to consider websites that are optimized for mobile use when determining search rankings. This means that all businesses must ramp up their sites for mobiles if they are to attract any significant traffic. Below are tips you might find useful for your mobile marketing strategy.