Turn LinkedIn Into A Lead Gen Machine To Grow Your Business

We organically connect with targeted leads for you through social serving and social selling techniques on LinkedIn. Sit back and let us start conversations with ideal clients. As we connect with ideal clients for you, our high-quality content and ad touchpoints will simultaneously take leads further down your sales pipeline. Creating a powerful acquisition and nurture strategy.

How we help our clients dominate LinkedIn

As LinkedIn experts we know how to acquire and nurture leads on LinkedIn. We help you create a lead gen ecosystem on LinkedIn. These quality leads also engage with your website and our email marketing campaigns.

It takes an average of 20 quality touch points for a b2b lead to convert. We know how to create quality content and valuable methods of distribution to first connect with quality leads, and nurture them to conversion.

The effective campaigns and strategies we create and implement can be summarised as follows:

  • Connections strategy for lead acquisition
  • Thought leadership & content marketing for lead nurturing
  • Hyper-targeted ads and remarketing and both lead acquisition and nurturing

LinkedIn connections strategy for targeted lead gen

We put business development processes into overdrive and action them on a mass scale. We’ll isolate the ideal client segment and maximise the LinkedIn caps; 500 profile views per week, 100 connection requests per week, etc.

Taking over your personal account for an hour per day, we build momentum and generate quality sales appointments. Our messages are custom created for each lead and conversation, so the prospective client believes they are talking to you. At the point they are ready to jump on a call, we hand the conversation over to you. You’re therefore receiving ideal quality prospective clients, ready to jump on a sales call.

Those that are not ready for a sales opportunity at the moment are recontacted a number of weeks later to touch base again. They’ll also see your high quality valuable content being posted by us. Thereby continually being nurtured.

Thought leadership & content marketing
for lead nurturing

Our experienced senior content writers know how to write about complex topics whilst keeping to a particular brand voice. We ghost write the content pieces so your subject matter expert will be the author. You can be as little or heavily involved in the creation process, which typically follows this process;

  1. Idea research
  2. Topic selection
  3. Brief
  4. Interview (if required)
  5. Outline
  6. Final draft

Types of content we create for you

We never create content for the sake of it. Every content asset is part of an ROI-focused strategy to nurture specific audiences. We also know how to harness the LinkedIn algorithm to grow your personal and company pages. These are some of the various forms of content we create for our clients;

  • LinkedIn posts that create conversations
  • Thought leadership articles to build brand value
  • eBooks / lead magnets to acquire leads
  • Videos to build brand value

Targeted ads with an ROI-focus

The audience selection criteria for LinkedIn ads is extremely powerful. We can target specific roles, in specific departments, in specific companies.

For example, if your sales strategy is targeting Supply Chain Managers and Directors in 10 specific companies, we can push ads to those specific people. Leveraging educational and sales content ads, we can create a powerful multi touchpoint strategy so when your sales team calls there’s already brand recognition.

We also harness the power of remarketing. Using the example above, our remarketing ads can help your business development or sales team after they’ve made initial contact. These remarketing ads follow prospects across LinkedIn as they’ve engaged with your assets e..g website, LinkedIn Company page, etc. Thereby reinforcing your Unique Value Proposition, or testimonials, or other quality touch points.

Samples of our LinkedIn marketing strategies

Our culture of excellence and our collective commitment to to provide a personalised-care to each of our clients manifests in the LinkedIn marketing strategies we craft.

Highlight client results

These results are a manifestation of our culture of excellence and our collective commitment to reach our vision of becoming the best digital agency to work with in the world.

B2B lead gen

In just 3 months:
350% ROI
Over 150 positive conversations
Nearly 1,000 quality connections made

A group of passionate experts driven by a purpose to mentor businesses by aligning ESG strategies with sustainable impact principles. As a step towards this goal, they engaged Ooze Studios to implement our effective LinkedIn strategy.

B2B lead gen

Acquired and nurtured high-quality niche B2B leads for client to convert

Result = ROI at 350%

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