Our empowering, values-driven culture motivates our Oozesome humans to produce results we are proud of, while continuously nurturing their personal and professional development.

It's important for us that everyone who works at Ooze Studios finds purpose in their work and a sense of belongingness because we win as a team, not a set of individuals.

We provide as much detail as possible for every job opening and at every stage of the application process, so you can choose a role that brings out your unique abilities and goals, enabling you to live your best work life.

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Understanding your tasks is important

At Ooze Studios, we believe that finding the right role is important to your personal and professional growth. When you’re in a role that enhances your unique talents and strengths, you’ll be more motivated, productive, and engaged in your work.

Our job descriptions provide you with the tasks the role will action to have a better understanding of each role. We’re dedicated to helping you succeed, and we believe that finding a good role fit is the first step towards achieving your professional and personal aspirations.

Understanding your tasks is important

How to join the Ooze Studios team

We’re always excited to work with new talent who share our relentless pursuit of excellence. We’ve made our application process simple and straightforward to help you join our team.

Check out the information below to learn what to expect, how to apply, and our application process timeline.

1. Complete our application form

Click on the “Apply now” button to fill out our online application form.

In filling out the form, you can upload your updated CV and portfolio, while answering some short video questions. Answering our short video questions is your chance to make a great first impression by showcasing your personality, communication skills and why you are who we’re looking for.

Our application form is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. So, you can apply from anywhere, anytime.

2. Initial interview

Your application has been accepted which means we want to chat with you. What’s next?

We invite candidates who have passed our initial screening process to an Initial Interview with our talent acquisition team. The Initial Interview is your time to shine. It is an opportunity for you to highlight your strengths and the unique qualities that make you an excellent candidate for the role.

At this stage, you also have the chance to learn more about about Ooze Studios and the role you are applying for. So, feel free to ask away.

3. Live simulation

Once you’ve passed the initial interview, we will ask you to complete our personalised online assessment called the Live Simulation.

The Live Simulation will put your hard skills to the test through sample tasks that are associated with the role you’re applying for. It will also give you a better understanding and a more realistic expectation of the daily tasks and responsibilities outlined in the job description.

4. Technical interview

You’ve gone through the Live Simulation and aced it! Now, it’s time for the final step of our application process: a Technical Interview with our Pod Leaders.

During the Technical Interview, we’ll delve more into your hard skills and experience to delve further into role fit. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know our Pod Leaders and ask questions about the technical aspects of your role and our pod dynamics. We will give you an overview of how we collaborate and work in teams here at Ooze, and how your role ties into our overall mission and vision.

Learn how better social connections bring out the best in our team

Ooze Studios’ empowering culture enables us to collaborate effectively while building strong social connections with our team of global talent.

Our regular social programs and activities allow us to regularly connect with team members to work, learn, and socialise. Our commitment towards our team members’ wellbeing has given a platform for all our oozezome humans to thrive.

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Work with a team of world-class talent driven by an empowering culture that nurtures growth, creativity and success. Want to know if our culture resonate with you?