By Jesse Ocean  |   29th November 17

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Sales Force Uses AI to Find Brand Images

What the Einstein Vision AI does

The Einstein Vision artificial intelligence system has a massive image library that includes more than two million brand logos. This allows Einstein Vision for Social Studio to find and track brand and product-related postings that don’t mention the brand by name in a description or written text, something current social media monitoring tools can’t capture. What is sensational about this image search is that the system is teaching itself to recognise logos wherever they appear on the net.

How Einstein Vision for Social Studio can benefit brands

By searching for the images of your brand, you can detect the people talking about your product and brand even if they aren’t using your brand name or product names. Parents sharing images of their children wearing certain clothing, using specific products and discussing life while immersed in a brand are building a brand community even if they aren’t specifically writing about it. And you need to know where these communities are and what they need so that you can better market to them.

The images that people share of your products let your marketers know how they are actually used. Are people including images of your products when they are on vacation, attending parties or at work? It also tells you, to a degree, which businesses are using your products, such as people posting pictures of a lunch where your condiments are captured on the table or pictures of a business lobby which shows you where your product is located.

You can also find those who are using images of your brands as stock images without permission and ask them to take it down. Or if your branded images are being used in a negative comment about your company, in which case a DCMA notice or rebuttal marketing effort may be necessary.

When someone famous is wearing your trademark dress without a mention of the brand, you can offset this by mentioning the brand name on social media or ask the wearer to mention the brand. In an ideal situation, you can get them to talk about the product in an image that went viral and the company that made it.

By running image comparisons, you can see the most common visual correlations between your brand and associated items. You could find that while you’re promoting your product to businesses it is mostly seen as an in-home product. Or you’re marketing to industrial clients but the cleaning products are being used in schools and hotels and are more often associated with such places.

If your business is sponsoring events in the hope of generating social media mentions, Sales Force’s new AI allows you to see if people are actually sharing images of your signs, banners and products, this is in addition to the data they already collect about brand name mentions. You can see the true “lift” sponsoring events brings to social media mentions of the brand.

Your marketing department will learn through the use of this tool whether the most common images the average searcher encounters are negative or positive. Then they will need to work to improve the brand perception, whether it is dated or incorrect.

Which social media personalities are posting the most images tied to your brand? These may be the social media influencers you want to work with to promote your product to their audience. You could also provide better images for them to work with, including content involving both the personality and the product.

Your most active social media promoters may not be your biggest customer segment. Einstein at Social Studio lets marketers understand who is posting images of the company’s products or logos. The AI gives you the information about who is crafting the social media profile of your business, allowing you to decide how to work with a naturally evolving brand identity or recruit more people who reflect the image you want to project.

Companies can learn about images of defective or broken products being shared, even when it doesn’t include the brand name. Whether you want to proactively engage in customer service or study the severity of the problem depends on the issue.

The Rollout of the New AI

The Einstein Vision for Social Studio is already available for Twitter. It will become available for other major platforms over the coming months.

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