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12 Jan: Top 10 Tips to Protect your WordPress Site

Wordpress, whilst being an easy-to-use platform, is not without its security risks. Most people know that to login to your site, they need only put in /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php/ in order to brute force (a term describing how hackers use a database of guessed passwords and usernames) and force their way into the site.

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08 Jan: 5 Signs of a Great Internet Marketing Firm

It will come as no surprise to the majority of business owners that marketing is the key to the successful growth of a company. Without proper marketing, your company won’t get the recognition that it needs to grow and stay afloat.

30 Nov: 10 Signs your brand identity needs an update

In the world of business, the phrase ‘brand identity’ should not be an unfamiliar term. Every famous business has its own unique identity, and this is often regarded as the key towards a continuously successful business.

internet marketing tips
23 Nov: 11 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The ways in which a business person can exploit the internet are enormous. For people operating small businesses such as retail outlets, small hotels/ restaurants or a hair salon here are some online marketing tips that will help you reach your customers efficiently.

16 Nov: Writing the Future: 11 Tips for a Copywriter

The chances are that you have come across some great, informative content designed to grab your attention. You will have also come across a blog that was so boring that you fell asleep while reading it. You ask yourself, what makes the two writers different? Great content can be long or short, but it must remain authentic, ideas driven and creative