Optimise Your Website To Deliver A Better User Experience

Do your visitors land on a product or service page for a few seconds and leave? Do you have a lot of add to cart drop offs or failed form completions? You likely need a site UX (User eXperience) audit.

We use our technical website expertise combined with our wide ranging marketing skill sets, including deep persona understanding, to deliver actionable and tangible insights to you.

Let’s optimise the website so your customers will love to explore it.

Optimise Your Website To Deliver A Better User Experience

B2B website development

“The team at Ooze Studios have been fantastic to work with. They built our new website on time, to budget and delivered a fantastic product. We are very pleased with their work and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Iain Kiernan

Marketing Director, Data Agility

Website dev and design

“I highly recommend the team at Ooze Studios. From the start of the project, they have been very attentive to what I visualised my website will be and creatively executed my visions for my website. The whole team were fantastic to work with and made the process easy from my end. I am really happy with the new site and we’ve received some great feedback from customers.”

— Laura Jane

Owner, Gourmet Kitchen

We optimise WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce and many other website platforms

Increase conversion rates and improve bounce rates

Stage 1: Conduct buyer research and understand personas

A great website should inform your target audience of your products or services and convert them into customers. This is why the first step of our audit is to conduct buyer research and understand your customers’ personas.

We strive to understand who the users are, their needs, and what they aim to achieve so that when we do the UX audit, we can put ourselves in their shoes.

Stage 2: We look at your competitors

There are many reasons why conducting a thorough competitor analysis is one of the most important steps in a UX site audit.

For one thing, it helps us understand where your product or service’s position in the industry. It also helps us get a clear picture of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition.

Stage 3: We conduct the audit

Once the persona is approved, we then start the UX audit. Going through the site or pages as if we are the customer. This is when we take note of the gaps, errors, any room for improvement.

We also look at Google Analytics and Hotjar data to understand user behaviour. This can also help us know how we can further improve a site. For example, if we see many mobile users coming in, but most of them need to convert or drop off at the checkout page, then we ask ourselves: Is there something wrong with the checkout page? What is preventing the user from completing their purchase?

Stage 4: We submit a report

Once the audit is complete, we send the report to the client with a summary of the items we believe we can act on immediately, or what we call quick wins.

Stage 5: We implement changes

We help you achieve the sweet spot between design and usability. We help your customers navigate your site more efficiently and reduce the time it takes to make decisions.

Increase conversion rates and improve bounce rates

4 reasons why clients love working with us

Always data-driven

We don’t do guesswork. Instead, we base all our development and design decisions on data.


Combined expertise

We have a wide range of in-house expertise, creating amazing cross-skill projects. Harnessing the power of marketing and dev for your site UX audit.

Your own Ooze Pod

Get a team of experts dedicated to helping you grow your business. Providing you with personalised care and high-impact ROI-focused results.

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No outsourcing

With our world-class talent doing everything in-house, you’re always guaranteed effective, efficient and seamless website development executions.

Turn Your Website Into A
Lead Gen Machine

Essential tips from a UX and marketing expert


You don’t always have to go back to square one. We’re here to help you power up your existing website

Sometimes a few tweaks are all it takes to improve a website’s content readability, engagement, and even ranking in SEO—for example, Amazon.
The site’s design may look outdated, but the business knows it has many customers, from the elderly to the young and tech-savvy. So it has retained its user-friendly design. If it upgrades the site, the tweaks are minimal.

Whether it’s your landing page, website copy, site navigation, site speed or third-party integration, our web development teams are well-equipped to figure out and repair your website problems. So it can return to its optimal performance, continue to remain relevant and transform into your best sales and lead generating tool.

We’re here to help you power up your existing website

Case Study - Website
Australian Institute of Architects

The redevelopment project underwent several phases including competitor analysis, UX research, and usability testing. This allowed Ooze Studios to design and redevelop over 80 web pages that are easy to use and relevant to all the users of the Institute.

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