By Jesse Ocean  |   21st September 15

Small Businesses Going Online

Statistics show that there are still very many small businesses located in Melbourne that are not yet taking advantage of an online presence. This is not only happening in cities but in the whole of Australia as well. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, even though 91.9% of businesses in Australia have internet access, only 44.6 % (less than half) had an online presence. It is still not clear why many businesses do not want to start taking online orders or enquiries yet there are numerous possible advantages that can come with creating a strong online presence and some of them include:
Lower operation costs
When running your business online, it can help you save some money as you do not need to rent/lease/buy a fancy office to set up your operations. This is because you can even work from your garage and no one will ever notice or even care. This is simply because all you need is a well designed site and you will be good to go. This also shows that you may not need as many employees as you would if you were not working online. Something that can also help you save some cash at the end of the day.
Helps you reach a wider market
Before you start online operations you need to pick a great web design that will help advertise your products or services. When it is done in the proper way it can help attract customers from far and wide, something that can help you get more clients to make more money. It is also important to note that internet marketing is usually more cost effective than most of the traditional marketing techniques which mean that you will also end up spending less money to attract more people to the business, which can take a it to the next level.
More clients prefer shopping online
Nowadays it is extremely common to shopping online as it normally offers great convenience. Offering your services online means that the savings you make are also passed on to the clients, a factor that people consider when they are searching for goods and services online. This can help you maximize on profits to help take your business to the next level. Avoid being on the list of Melbourne small businesses that are not benefiting from being online.

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