By Jesse Ocean  |   6th December 17


The Future of Smartphones – Is It Here Already?

Let’s face it, the future is here. With Apple’s FaceID technology, it’s become all about the camera. Apple’s closely-guarded technology projects 30 thousand individual dots onto your face, making it otherwise impossible for anyone else to unlock your smartphone (the odds of someone with the exact same 30 thousand points as you is an extremely remote mathematical possibility). So what does this mean for security using facial recognition?

According to Tech Target, facial recognition is defined as a “biometric method of identifying an individual by comparing live capture or digital image data with the stored record for that person.” What this tech mumbo-jumbo means in plain English is that a camera or photograph is used to identify your face, thereby granting access to the user when their face is scanned.

More advanced facial recognition

Fingerprinting technology used to be the pinnacle of advancement. As each person has a unique print, it’s easy to tell who’s who. Now, facial recognition can be paired with fingerprinting to further tighten security. When you add voice recognition into the mix as well that makes it even more difficult to break.

Paying with your face

Apple’s Face ID allows you to, well, pay with your face. In lieu of using an OTP (one-time password), you’re allowed to use your face as the password. How does this change the future of payments? Imagine: you’re buying a TV and instead of swiping your credit card/inputting a PIN, you simply stare into the device and it records your face and locks it in. It sounds almost absurd but the iPhone X is already allowing users to do just that.

Identity theft?

What about the above? How would you handle being kidnapped and your face being used to unlock your phone to pay for nefarious things? The clear answer to this is to always have a layer that is not readily available to your kidnappers, like a passcode that’s extremely strong or even adding on an OTP.

How does all of this add up to how the iPhone X can change the future of smartphones? This revolutionary Face ID technology is built into every device and as such, propels the smartphone towards a newer and brighter future.

It’s the camera of the iPhone X that’s the star of the show, paired with Apple’s facial recognition technology and enhanced security all make for a compelling argument as to why we should be getting ready for the switch to facial recognition. The future is already here, and it’s in your hands.

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