By Jesse Ocean  |   17th November 17


What’s new with Snapchat – new filters, new features

Snapchat’s shot to fame was when it first released Stories mode, where users could add pictures/videos into a seamless slideshow. This soon was copied by Facebook and Instagram, adding to the popularity of both these social media outlets. Snapchat was soon to be out of the fight, as its stock market rate plunged and its userbase did not grow by much.

That’s when they introduced new filters and new features and whilst the popularity of the app has not soared, more and more people are using the application. Some of the new features include:

Fake sky filters

Always wanted a sunset sky over a place with a perpetual midnight sun? Now with Snapchat’s new fake sky filters and auto sky detection mode, you’ll literally be able to change the sky’s colours to suit your liking. The ‘what is your favourite colour of the sky’ meme will now become a reality!


The multi-snap recording feature will let you record up to six 10-second clips in a row. You are then able to edit out the clips you do not want in sequence and apply filters to the rest. Then, all that’s left is to share the video! This feature can be used in tandem with our next item, the…

Tint Brush

Read a lot of Dr. Seuss in your youth? Want blue eggs and ham? Now, with Snapchat’s Tint Brush, you will be able to make that wish come true, at least on screen. This brush allows you to tint specific parts of the picture in a different colour! So you can have green ketchup and red mustard with your eggs and ham.

Crowd Surf

Let’s say you’re not at a concert, but your friends are. You ask them to record and Snapchat the video to you. Since they’re all at different angles, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Snapchat’s Crowd Surf feature allows users to seamlessly join parts into one large panoramic video from a variety of different angles provided. How it works is simple: The smart detection on Snapchat identifies that your friends are all at the same concert but at different places. Then, it patches together all the various angles into one seamless panoramic video to be shared!

All in all, Snapchat has introduced many new features to the playing field and they are pretty wonderful. Hints are that a new AR (augmented reality) feature will be coming up soon adding to the suspense and excitement. Stay tuned for more features like this! If you like this article, do share it on social media, or better still, Snapchat your screen to your friends. Think of it as a new trend! 😉

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