By Jesse Ocean  |   15th November 17

Social Media Content

The Importance of Content in Social Media Marketing – which as a Web Marketing Company we know!

By using social media marketing in their strategy, businesses can become more recognisable as they establish a stronger digital presence. How so? The answer is: content, and good content at that. If you are lacking this vital ingredient, you cannot post as regularly as you may want. Fortunately, web marketing companies are here to help you.

As a social media marketer, you can only post regularly if you have good content. Social media is about interaction and conversation so your options are limited if you don’t have the right content to begin a conversation. In fact, it’s better to hire a web marketing company to help you.


What is content marketing?

Although there are many definitions of content marketing, it refers to the type of marketing that involves creating and posting or sharing content on social media posts, blogs, and videos. While it does not promote the brand directly, it’s meant to stimulate interest in the brand’s products and services.


Today it’s a marketers’ favourite tool since it’s able to build entire communities, raise brand awareness and in the end, drive sales. When it comes to social media marketing, having quality content is key. No wonder most marketers say that content marketing and social media go hand in hand.


What if you do not have great content?

If you don’t have great content to build your social media marketing strategy, a lot of things can happen. First, people will not follow you because they are not getting anything interesting from you. Since there is nothing to share they will also not share your posts, this means your brand will not grow, hence you will not get the results that you are looking for.


Content marketing entails more than articles and pictures

What one individual user views as content may be totally different from what another one sees it as. In most instances, a photo or tweet is not enough to be termed as content marketing. To succeed in your content marketing strategy, you should optimise your content for every social network that you want to use. Remember, what you think is interesting content may not be interesting to your audience. Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between the content that you want to use and what your audience likes.


To succeed in content marketing you must go beyond creating content

A lot can wrong when you use content marketing to promote your brand. For instance: several articles that are hard to read, blogs that don’t have share buttons and articles without pictures. If users come across such content, it’s very hard for them to share or even retweet them. This is not because they don’t want to share but because the owner of the blog made it hard to do so.


You need to focus on quality, not quantity

If you want to succeed as a content marketer, you need to spend time devising engaging and meaningful content instead of producing substandard promotional content. It’s important to remember that businesses are constantly competing with each other on social media platforms, hence you must be the best. If the content is not engaging or meaningful, it can have an undesirable effect and drive fans away instead of bringing them to your blog. If people are constantly bombarded by content that is irrelevant to them it can be tiresome, frustrating and even push them elsewhere.


Good content drives engagement

By creating quality content you will find users who will organically advocate on your behalf or promote your content. So, whether it’s a share, like or retweet it is very important that your content is the best. As a business, you need to focus on understanding your audience and produce content that will attract people instead of chasing them away.


Good content helps you increase your conversion rates and makes you an authority

Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates. By having many followers, you will be able to convert some of them into real customers. By ensuring that your business is in front of your audience, you will push them to start making purchasing decisions. More so, by addressing a specific subject you will be giving your audience relevant, fresh and accurate content. Becoming an expert does not mean that you have to use technical words.


Social media marketing involves more than being active on the platforms

Believe it or not but what you do on social media is just a fraction of social media marketing. It’s what others do for you that’s important in your strategy. Once enthused others to share your content, retweet on your behalf and talk about you, you have won half the battle. However, for you to get there, you have to make the process easy by providing something valuable that they can share. Therefore you need to create interesting content, make it easy to share and provide social and messaging accounts.


Final words

Most businesses and marketers love social media platforms. It is important to create content that resonates well with your fans. Before creating any content it’s very important to understand your audience so that you can discover the kind of content that they like. By doing this, you will not only reach a wider audience but also be able to grow your business fast. If you are not sure about how to go about it, it’s important to hire a web marketing company.

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