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Common problems we help solve

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Confirm the problem you’re looking to solve for the target market that has a big enough desire.

You’ve got a business idea and it looks very promising. Before you spend more time and money, you have to validate your idea in the target markets first.

 Market validation allows you to make data driven decisions to refine your idea, refine your target market, and ultimately save a lot of time and money. If you’ve asked colleagues, friends or family and received positive feedback, is that market validation? No. They will give you confirmation bias answers. You need to find out if a stranger will pay to use your product / service.

 You might already have a community of loyal fans, which is an amazing feat. However, do you know how to ask unbiased questions to get significant data back?

 We use a combination of different methods to gather data based on your target audience and budget, such as:

  • Government data
  • Surveys
  • Strategic ads
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry reports
  • Detailed search trends

Don’t guess when you can back up your hunches with data. 

You don’t need to build a feature-rich product or complex service offering for launch. It takes time to build a community, trust, credibility, and the resulting base of loyal customers. Give them something to use or someone to speak to asap. Bring your customers along the journey with you.

 Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) modelling and lean design processes let you test your idea and discover what will work best for your target market with the least effort and investment possible. We’ll help you determine the leanest possible solution and design the essential functionalities to deliver a product that solves the core problem of your users.

Marketing your new business or product is key to achieving growth. Not all marketing campaigns, however, are created equal. You need to develop a strategic approach to reach your full potential. 

We apply the lean startup methodology to create campaigns that are objective-focused and ROI-driven. Guided by data, we take a scientific approach to learn about your customers and the best way to engage with them, whilst constantly measuring and improving campaign performance.