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The Expert’s Guide To SEO Copywriting

Business owners are now striving to take their sites to the top of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing – especially if their profits depend on generating online sales. At present, there is a huge amount of competition to be at the top of the search engines, and this is where SEO copywriting steps in.


Many SEO companies are turning to SEO Copywriters for target content written for the search engine and the user. SEO experts acknowledge the need for quality web copy and other SEO techniques, such as link building and directory submissions, designed to improve your online presence.

SEO copywriting simply means including the words (keywords) people use to find you and the service or product you’re offering through search engines. It can help improve your website rankings big time.

How important is SEO copy?

The number and quality of the links coming to your site are more crucial to your search ranking than the number of keywords per page. That’s one reason why great web copy is so important; it’s a powerful tool for encouraging lots of inbound links.

Nevertheless, sprinkling keywords throughout your site is still essential for getting higher rankings in all major search engines.

Here are a few simple tips for SEO copywriting

1. The golden rule

This is vital – your site visitors are more important than your search ranking. If you’re offering a service or selling a product, your website and your web copy should always seek to serve your visitor’s needs first and foremost. Randomly stuffing keywords into your text is a big turn off, just read this:

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I made that up, but there are plenty of SEO copywriters producing copy like that, and it just doesn’t work.

2. The right keywords

Hiring an SEO consultant to advise you on the best keywords is the best idea. But you can search for the most popular ones relating to your website using numerous freeware tools or sites, like ordtracker.

A good way to choose keywords is to think about who is visiting your site and what they would naturally type into a search engine to find you. By including those words in your copy, you’ll make it genuinely useful for this key audience, as well as increase your site’s relevancy in the search engines.

3. Titles and headings

For SEO purposes the most important places your keywords should appear are in the title tag of the page, the headlines and the sub-headings (make sure to use h1 and h2 heading tags)

Headlines are also the most important copy on your entire page. Research suggests somewhere between 70% and 90% of people will only read the headline, so it needs to grab their attention.

4. First Paragraph

Search engines place importance on the first few sentences of your page, so it’s a good idea to include your most important keyword here. This is also some of the most critical copy for site visitors, so always include the keyword relevantly. If you can’t, just leave it out (or hire a good SEO copywriter!).

5. SEO copywriting throughout your site

For SEO copywriting you need at least 150-200 words on every page. Each keyword should appear at least once, as long as you can include them without ruining the flow or style of your writing. You might find you naturally include other words and descriptions relevant to the keyword, that’s great too as they will also work well for search.

6. Calls to action

We all want our site visitors to take action. Do you want them to contact you? Buy something? Subscribe to your newsletter? You have to prompt them to take action in your copy so if the keywords fit in naturally, slot them in here too.

SEO Copywriting Companies

A copywriter can write quality web content that attracts search engines and engages the user. Many SEO copywriting companies are partnering SEO companies across the world, providing them with optimised web copy, articles, blogs and online press releases. This boom has meant that copywriters have been put under intense pressure, and there is now a huge amount of competition.

Hire a Copywriter

The first task that they will have is reviewing your website to ensure that the content is optimised. They will also work on the keywords, i.e.Plumber in Portsmouth. Although this is an important factor in having a website that ranks well on the search engines, it shouldn’t be your number one aim. It is crucial that you have professional and compelling web content to make the users visiting your site return. Hiring a professional SEO Copywriter will ensure that you are correctly promoting your products or services directly to your target audience.

Don’t Make This Mistake

A fatal mistake many business owners are making is writing their copy themselves. Perhaps you have a copywriting project that has been sitting on your desk for some time that you just can’t face? Or maybe you’re just too busy with other areas of your business? Don’t make the fatal mistake of trying a have a go at it yourself, outsource it to an SEO Copywriter that has experience in writing content for different audiences, that will deliver your copy on time and within budget. Would you try and design your website if you had absolutely no idea about web design? Exactly.

In conclusion

To create content that integrates keywords without ruining the flow of copy or alienating the person trying to read it! In fact, great SEO copywriting is not obvious at all; it feels relevant to you.

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