By Jesse Ocean  |   1st March 18

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The Future of Web Design – A Design Company’s Take on It

For any reputable company, an online presence is a vital aspect of a business. Companies no longer rely on bricks-and-mortar stores with the use of fast, contemporary online platforms and websites so widely in use. More businesses are now building sites to keep up with the fast-paced technology world, and better still, serve their customers. Sites are an essential marketing tool for any business, and with more people spending so much time online, a website is the greatest tool to market your business.

The ever-changing innovations in the field of technology are the main characteristic of websites. Not a day passes without a breakthrough in how to design a website, and as a web design company, we take notice. A design company has to have the latest knowledge of technology, and equipment, to stay ahead of the game. The sleekness, transformation, and layers of websites keep improving by the day as new design elements emerge.

The industry of web design is continually booming and has witnessed a massive increase in popularity. Companies are now going the extra mile to employ a design company to make their websites appealing and functional as website content becomes super popular with consumers. Each year has seen a new trend that impacts not only the present but also the future of web design. So, what are the current trendy technologies making waves in the web design industry? Here’s a look at aspects set to cause a shift shortly –

1. Responsive design

In this day and age smartphones are an essential tool for running our lives. Most handheld devices go everywhere with us. There are many reasons why responsive design is an upcoming hot trend used by any reputable design company. Responsive design adapts a website to what the user actually uses when viewing a page and responds accordingly. Such technology allows your site to be easily accessible and readable across the different devices used by your user, whether using a smartphone, PC, or tablet, it will be easier for them to read on their respective screens. Your website apps engage readily with many different operating systems and web designers are now creating web apps for mobile devices. Mobile apps can be built with a little time investment to work on any operating system, thus saving your business time and money.

2. Single-page design

Another hot trend in the world of web design is the use of unique page web design. The sites look fantastic, especially on smartphones and tablets, and designers can become more creative by utilising animated graphics within the content. The best part is that they are easy to use, cost-effective, and require little development. Single-page design is especially popular with small businesses and entrepreneurs with the number of users growing every day, so it seems that the end of single-page design is not in sight anytime soon.

3. Card design

Ideas for your web design can come from many areas of your business. But a trend that seems to catch up is to design your business card with the help of a professional web designer. Any respectable design company has an in-house team with knowledge of different designing software. Your business card gives your business a high retention value. It is an important matter, and an amateur may not convey the desired message thus adversely affecting your business. A professional web designer will aim to give your business card a sophisticated look and work on everything from the logo design to the card layout. It’s important to ensure that your visiting card gets customised according to the nature of your business.

4. Material design

Material or flat design has gained much popularity. With this model, you can use layers, subtle gradients, and animation to give your website a sense of the real world, with simplicity. The material design creates a visual language for the user while synthesising the principles of pure design. The highly usable and pleasing design results in solutions that tend to give sites a familiar aesthetic as more and more businesses adapt to using graphics.

A Final Thought:

As web design experts we recognise these trending techniques,  although some will remain just that for years to come. The rapid advancement in technology might thrust us in unexpected directions in the next two decades. We are also seeing the rise of biotechnology with the nanobots innovation and Artificial Intelligence will be very important in the content market of the future.

At Ooze Studios, we believe that in the near future, we may witness web pages disappearing and being replaced by network computers. Or not. The future of the web is unknown at this point in time, but the one thing that computers cannot do is be creative or design thinking. There will always be a space for innovative, creative people with ideas and flair.

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