By Jesse Ocean  |   27th February 18

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The REAL Value of Business Incubators

Business incubators are becoming more popular than ever and there’s a good reason for this rise as the digital world grow ever more competitive. With so many people opening up shop with just a laptop and an internet connection, you need a serious edge if you are going to have the market share you deserve.

If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, you should understand the importance of incubators. If you don’t go through an incubator, you could miss out on major opportunities to grow your startup faster. Here are the components that show their real value:

Clarifying Goals

You need to set clear goals and outcomes at the beginning of your business venture. The last thing you want to do is run through your cash before your ideas come to fruition. To prevent this, you will want strong and clear targets to hit.

You also need to understand why you are doing what you’re doing. A business incubator has staff and strategies to help you clarify your goals. When you know what you’re working for and why it becomes easier to get traction. It also prevents making unnecessary mistakes, after all, you can’t hit a target that you don’t have.


In business, it’s true that much of your success is about who you know, not just what you know. So when it comes to a business incubator, one way they can help you is to introduce you to new people. These people aren’t just anyone, however.

Many times, an incubator has access to certain connections that can take your venture to the next level. This can include investors, technical experts, and public media. Don’t underestimate how many personal relationships can move your brand into the spotlight and gain more users.

Focusing on Target Audience

In business, the legendary Peter Drucker once said, that it is always better to select a market and design a product for that audience rather than create a product and find a market afterwards. Using this knowledge, you can succeed faster than most startups. However, this is easier said than done. Many people get “married” to their idea and insist that their app, website, or service is the best route forward. Then, when they put it out there the market responds negatively, this is something you want to avoid.

An incubator can help you focus your strengths on doing what is best for your audience. It is easy and tempting to go off-message and worry about what you want instead of your audience. However, there is only one thing that matters in business: serving your customers, users, or target market. That’s why an incubator is so powerful: they help you stay on track.

Growing Your Team

Incubators are like hubs. They attract people and commerce. They don’t attract just anyone, they attract quality people, the kind of talent you want working for you. They also provide a nice safe space to discuss ideas and strategies about the bigger picture. After all, which would a talent developer, marketer, or designer prefer: a small apartment on the edge of town or a modern office building with all the amenities?


A business incubator gives you the consistency you need. The incubator isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why you can feel confident making long-term plans and sharing them with investors. The last thing you want to be worrying about when running a business is your headquarters.


Every resource you need is in an incubator. From printers to paper, to fast internet, incubators have it all. When a team has the resources necessary to grow quickly, they can focus on the big ideas that actually move your business forward.


Everyone can use guidance, even the greats. Michael Jordan continued to have a professional coach even when he was at the top of his game. That’s because he understood the power of guidance.

The guidance of an incubator can vary, but it is almost always invaluable. Whether it is an angel investor, the owner of the incubator, or other more experienced entrepreneurs, you can listen to them and avoid making common mistakes. After all, the business world is fraught with enough potholes already, why repeat easily avoidable errors?


Without enough of a runway, no business can survive. The competitive nature of startups today means that you need a lot of capital to take on profitable markets. After all, if it didn’t take any money, developers would work for free.

To prevent your team from running out of money, incubators help you connect with financing opportunities. Not only can they introduce you to investors, but they also can help guide you on the financing. You will need to work with banks and do a lot of legal paperwork and it always helps to have qualified staff available to help you with this. You don’t want to make a crucial mistake with your money.


Discipline is the life of a business owner. Even the best entrepreneurs in the world need a space where they can combine hard work and long hours. That is the reality of running any business. If you need a space separate from home and recreation a business incubator is a great choice.


First impressions matter and you only have one chance at them. Don’t make a poor first impression by not having appropriate office space. With elegant and modern designs, incubators help you project the image you want.

In today’s world, you need to have a powerful and proven strategy to compete in the world of business. As an entrepreneur, speed, size, and connections are all important. Consider the value of a business incubator and don’t hesitate to use one to help you grow your company. It could be the differentiator that gives you the edge for massive success.

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