By Jesse Ocean  |   24th November 17


Uber’s New Multistop Feature

You’ve been there and done that so many times, standing on the sidewalk after a night out with your friends, and you’re getting a collective ride back home with Uber. It’s annoying when you have to update the destination each time someone is dropped off, and it’s especially annoying when you’re tipsy and trying to have a good time. Who wouldn’t want just to sit back, relax, and enjoy that ride back home?

The taxi-like company has been working on making a few interesting changes to its ever-popular application. This app is used in many different places throughout the world for taxi services. It also allows its drivers to earn a little extra cash on the side, which is the perfect side hustle for many people. Many people who use this incredible taxi app have been frustrated at the unfortunate issue that hinders riders from entering more than one pick-up or drop-off location.

Since Uber has been in business, there have been a few things that have turned people off from using the service. This has mainly revolved around the inability to put in more than one location. Since your driver uses the locations on the app to take you to your place, it is extremely difficult to ride in a collective pick-up or drop-off. If you and a group of friends want to take the same Uber from different locations, it can be hard to input your location.

Luckily, the company is making some changes to help solve some of these irritating issues. From now on, you can use this incredible new feature that includes multiple stops, all in the same ride. That means you can add up to three different stops on one single trip. You can even update your travel information on the app while you’re still on the go.

The company has recently spoken out about these feature issues, saying that they want to offer users more transparency. This includes fares for the drivers and the riders. This is one thing that the feature focuses on, which is an advantage for both the driver and riders. Now, both riders and drivers know how long the drive will take and how much it will cost up-front. There is no grey area.

If you are picking up your friends on your way to your trip or you are on your way home from your night out, then it is easier to get a ride from Uber because of the new app features. Uber has made this statement along with an explanation of how to use the new features. Once you open up the app, you tap the small plus sign icon beside the box labelled “Where to?”. This box is where you add addresses for pick up or drop off, so your driver knows where to go.

Since the addition of this new feature you can add and remove various stops throughout your trips, and you can modify the specific destinations while you are still on the go. Real-time change has never been easier. Your driver will also be notified of the changes whenever you first make them. These features and more will be rolling out in the next few weeks when the Uber app sends out its update. The company’s fans will be excited to hear about and use these new feature changes. Nights out on the town will now be more fun, less stressful, and less of a hassle because of the new features of this popular app.

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