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What exactly is a content writer?

Copywriting vs. content writing

– it’s probably all the same, right? No, it’s not. Perhaps the two are not as different as apples and oranges; it’s more like oranges and tangerines, so just close enough. A copywriter is a writer in the most basic sense, and what they write usually appears on websites, ads, social media posts, videos, and a variety of marketing material. Perhaps an important distinction is that a copywriter doesn’t dream up the content themselves, instead, they take what they are given (from a client, brand, etc.) and they make it better by focusing on points such as conveying information, persuasion, interesting material and making the content more concise.

Content Writer

A content writer, on the other hand, focuses on strategic writing for the sake of content marketing. Content writing is at the heart of building brand awareness, connecting with audiences, showing values, etc. It’s the job of a content writer to think up all the puzzles that go into creating moving content – which includes things like keywords, CTAs, the type of audience being targeted, the method of sharing, the factor of making evergreen content, etc. Remember all these factors must be weighed when developing content which means a great deal of imagination goes toward content writing.

It’s Purpose That Separates These Two

The most obvious distinction between copywriting and content writing lies in its purpose. While a copywriter may focus on selling his or her persona on your brand, a content writer is more likely to take a different approach, telling the audience very subtly about your brand while delivering quality, relevant content.

Copywriter’s Writing Style

Since the goal of a copywriter is to sell people on brands, ideas or ideology, writing simple material seems easier. It takes on a much more straightforward and unveiled approach that seeks to fuse the products with the ideology of a brand to create definitive branding. Copywriting is, therefore, advertorial at its core and its main intent is to pitch to customers so that they will engage with a brand and purchase products and/or services.

Content Writer Writing Style

In general, content writers take on a strategic, authoritative approach that involves meaty copy. Creating rich content is the goal and this makes the ideal copy a lot longer than copywriting content. 1,000 words is a minimum with established copywriters, and this has plenty of benefits not only because it provides the reader with a depth of understanding on a given topic, but also because of Google’s tendency to favour this type of writing. Long, rich articles build trust with the search engines and are ranked higher – leading to more conversions.

The Main Purpose of A Copywriter’s Copy?

The immediate goal is to draw attention. Since most of this content is geared towards causing people to make a decision, copywriters will blend all the important aspects of the brand and goals, and try to capture it in a neat way. It means giving people a reason to want to engage with a brand or spend money on a product, always with the approach of making a sale.

The Main Purpose Of A Content Writer’s Copy?

Content writing is the art of creating content. This content needs to provide value to the reader, which means it needs to educate, inform, and even entertain. But whatever the topic, it must be smart, original, and interesting enough to make a good read/watch/listen. Quality content writing focuses a lot on the editorial, and this is true whether it comes from a publisher or brand. There are different subtle approaches to content writing; for instance, some people write with the intention of speaking to an audience and then building a connection over a period of time, as opposed to convincing them to make a purchase.

As this audience reads more of the content, they identify with the author and this has the effect of building trust. Once trust has been established, the process of promoting an idea, a product, or a service becomes a lot less complicated. This process takes longer but it has the added benefit of building stronger connections with customers, and it helps promotes loyalty.

How Copywriting Fits into Today’s Marketing Strategy

Copywriting is used in combination with other materials in any ad or marketing scheme. We rarely see text-only advertisement on the internet or in newspapers. There are usually colours, distinct brand logos, typographic treatment, and a whole lot of cues to help get the message across. Because of this, copywriters work in conjunction with other people to create matching visuals that will cause the maximum positive effect. Copywriting can be used to add value to your website by captioning specific feature products, brands, or services without the hassle of generating new content from scratch.

How Content Writing Fits Into Todays Marketing Strategy

Content writing is meant to be used as a means to pass on information to an audience, this is achieved through research and the use of creativity to find ways to communicate more deeply with people. You are essentially writing content that will “move” a person, or give them valuable information that they didn’t have, or provide entertainment for more than 1 minute. It takes a combination of things to deliver an effective piece of content that either speaks to a problem that the audience may have offers solutions or finding another approach to get their time.

When the content writer has access to information about the audience (e.g., what they like, what they need, what they don’t have, etc.) this provides plenty of room to create compelling content that helps to build a loyal following, promote a brand, and inspire – all at the same time.

Types Of Writing

Copywriters write marketing material. This involves the following:
 Ads

 Slogans

 Web page content

 SEO content

 Video scripts

 Email campaigns

 Billboards

 Brochures

 Catalogs

 Postcards

 Whitepapers

 Sales letters

Content writers have lots of opportunities to write content including:

 Articles

 Blogs

 Magazine features

 Newspaper articles

 E-books

 Books

 Print magazines

 Social media

 Television

 Radio

 Film

 Podcasts

How Copywriting Makes Your Site Better

Do you already have adverts on your website? You can gain tremendously by adding relevant copy to balance the ads and deliver the actual message of your brand. Remember both of these roles require excellent language and communication skills. If you’re not sure about your abilities in that respect, you’re better off hiring an expert to provide quality content.

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