By Jesse Ocean  |   16th February 18

what is design

What Is Design? Debunked and Rebuffed

The world of design is vast and multifaceted. Everything that we see, use and want around us has been designed by someone with a creative mind, someone who could bring their ideas to life. The device you are reading this article on? There was a team of designers who worked long hours to make it look good and work so well. Without designers, the world would be bland, colourless, and uncreative. But the question remains, what is design? Designers form the core of a lot of the things that we make use of and often need in our lives, yet they are the profession that gets the least amount of credit, which should not be the case.

Professional Misconceptions

Designers are multifaceted. They work in a variety of different fields, working on a variety of projects. Almost every sector has a designer working on something, yet there are many people with misconceptions about what a designer is and what they do.

So what is design and how does it play out in the work of professional sectors? Let’s start out with the more commonly thought of professions: Like Fashion, an arena where designers are revered and respected. Magazine designers are another profession that people think of when they hear the word designer. But design goes way beyond the world of fashion and advertising. Take the civil and engineering industry for instance. Designers are not something that people associate with the engineering industry. But they are the ones who design the technology and devices that these sectors use. They are also the people who conceptualise buildings and cities and work with architectural firms to give people beautiful spaces to live in. Design is incredibly important in technology and is one of the main driving forces behind the production of new products. Designers work with software companies to design research programs.

It is clear from all these instances that design is in fact incredibly diverse. The sectors that we mentioned probably have nothing to do with one another, and yet, are strung together by creative minds who bring ideas to life.

The Discipline Of Design

The current market for designers is highly competitive. This world is based on skill and talent rather than on degrees and educational qualifications. What has given the design sector so much scope is that people don’t need a university education to be successful in the field. Anyone who can conceptualise well and can bring their ideas to life can be a designer, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and, most importantly, discipline.

Even though most professions that use designers don’t require a degree, with the exception of architecture, it does not mean that there aren’t degrees out there to help people develop their raw and natural talent. There are hundreds of design-based degrees offered by colleges around the world, some being more specialised in a particular field than others. Just because they are all called the same thing, does not mean that designers in different sectors do the same thing.

Two people with a pen and paper do not mean that the thoughts and ideas that they want to put down are the same. They might be thinking of two entirely different things, and want to execute them in two different ways. The same goes for professional designers. Just because they are called designers, does not mean that they all work in the same manner. Even their answers to ‘what is design’ might be different, depending on the sector that they belong to.

Marketing And Design

The field of marketing and advertising, in particular, is one of the biggest employers of designers. Designers are what keep the ball rolling in this industry, and are the reason products look and work the way they do. Designers are an indispensable part of the marketing industry, which is why they are so sought after.

For marketing and advertising companies, focusing on uplifting their design departments is an obvious way to increase revenue. The design that is put forward is the face of the brand that they are trying to market, with the emphasis on getting it right the first time around.

With A Focus On Good Design

When it comes to companies that have successfully focused on their design department, Ooze Studios is a company that has managed to stand out. The company is based in Australia and is dedicated to providing a wide range of marketing and advertising services that are effective, efficient, and above all, creative. The design department of the company is well known for the talent that the company has on board. The company has always believed in the concept that good design is the core functionality of their business, and is something that forms the basis of the work that they do. Ooze aims to use design to its fullest potential to create work for clients that will help them and their brands. The company strives hard to be able to push creative ideas and bring them to life and believes that they have the power to make its designs stand out from the rest of the sector. The ultimate goal of the company is to be one of the top design firms in the country.

The design of campaigns for the ads for a client’s product is the number one priority at Ooze Studios. They offer top-quality design services to clients coming to them from all over the country. The services that the firm provides include web design, logo design and branding, with clients being actively involved in the process from start to finish to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome for everyone. And great, memorable ads.

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