By Jesse Ocean  |   14th August 16


What Is One-click Install?

One-click install is a simplified way by which computer users can install software into their computers without much of a hassle. Previously, users had to follow a detailed explanation on how to add repositories and select the packages they wished to install at any given time. With one-click install, all a user needs to do is click on a Setup file on a disk or a link on a webpage and upon doing so; a wizard will guide him or her through the entire installation process. Benefits of using the one-click installation method: Compared to traditional methods of installation, the one-click installation has numerous benefits. Here are just some of the benefits associated with a one-click install:
  • Easy to use- One-click install is easy to use. You do not need to know the coding language to understand how this method of installation works. All that will be required of you is to follow some steps that the installation wizard will walk you through.
  • Quick to install- Unlike the traditional installation methods which were cumbersome, tedious and time-consuming, the one-click install is a quicker method of installation. With one-click installation, you will be able to install software together with all the programs that are bundled with it in a matter of minutes.
  • It is all-inclusive- The one-click installation method installs a number of programs simultaneously. For instance, if you are trying to install a program and it needs certain software which is missing from your computer, the wizard will prompt you to search, download and install it from the Internet or from a local drive. This will ensure that all programs installed through one-click installation are fully functional.

There are many one-click installers available on the Internet. Below are some of the most common one-click installers:

  • Softaculous- This is an amazing auto installer which ensures that all the important scripts and PHP classes are installed into your PC to make sure that it functions as it should. Softaculous allows its users the convenience of sitting back and relaxing as the installer deals with the installation process.
  • Installatron- This is one of the best one-click web application installers which affords the simplest way through which you can instantly and effortlessly manage some of the world’s best web applications. Installatron tops the list of the world’s best and most reliable one-click auto installers. Using this auto-install will save you money and time.

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