By Jesse Ocean  |   13th August 18

what is wordpress

What is WordPress? Blog Sites made easy and so much more

Largely renowned for its free, easy-to-use blog features, WordPress is also one of the world’s leading website creation and content development sites.

Initially released in 2003, WordPress now hosts more than 74 million sites and hosts approximately 27 percent of the internet[1]. That’s a lot of content. WordPress empowers anyone and everyone to host information on the internet. The global content ranges from amateur blogs to worldwide company websites.

This is largely with thanks to the fact that WordPress is free. Of course, there are plenty of options that require payments for the host to keep updating their website or blog, but as we all know- anything free is sure to be utilized.

The vast array of available plugins, widgets, and themes also allow for developers and hosts to ensure the safety of their data and information, as well as pleasurable user experience, and ultimately, exposure of individuals and companies alike.

The beauty of WordPress is its simplicity. To master WordPress, there’s absolutely no need to master HTML, you simply need an email address.

But what do we mean by HTML?

In the beginning of the internet, in order for you to create a website, you needed to utilize the HTML. Without getting too complicated, HTML required the creator to know internet coding.

WordPress has made it exceptionally simple for people who are not tech-savvy to access website development and blog creation. WordPress allows you to download software which develops your website/blog for you. It then gives you the power to edit and design content as you please.

So there are plenty of pros and cons about WordPress. Here’s a couple we’ve been able to think of, and have experienced:

Content Development

WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform; it is a versatile, user-friendly content management software. The best part is that, other than allowing you to simply blog, you can now generate a fully functional website and mobile app.

WordPress is free

You can become part of the awesome WordPress community for free. You can download, install, create web pages, and modify it all for free. Also with thanks to the thousands of free plugins and themes, the possibilities for your creative streak are endless.

WordPress is easy to learn and use

If you have never created a website, fear not, as WordPress makes the experience easy. There’s no need for knowledge of programming language, and as you set up for the first time, WordPress takes you through step-by-step.

What’s better; if you change your mind about themes, content etc., you can change it freely in your settings.

It is SEO friendly

SEO, that is; Search Engine Optimization. Put simply, WordPress helps increase the visibility and accessibility of your website through search engines (e.g. Google etc.).

Even though WordPress is undisputedly world’s most popular content management tool, like anything, it does have some limitations. Some of the cons associated with WordPress include the requirement of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) knowledge to modify complex content, some additional plugins can reduce script efficiency, and it can get more complicated when you need to modify tables and graphics.

We think it’s a pretty good tool to get you started. It’s information made easy. And once you’ve started, the limitations are few, and the rewards are extensive; easy setup, a flexible platform for you to utilize, and ultimately; worldwide exposure for your website or blog.

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