By Jesse Ocean  |   20th November 18

SEO Services Melbourne

What SEO Services in Melbourne Can Do for Your Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Melbourne are definitely thriving as SEO continues to become the future of digital marketing. A data from internet live shows that Google is now processing about 40,000 search queries per second, which means that there are over 3.5 billion searches every day. As such, it is no question that the best time for businesses to make the plunge into digital marketing, particularly SEO, is now. The future is now!

While certain aspects of the digital marketing industry are known to change at a moment’s notice, such as search engine algorithms, social media, paid advertisements, and other technological advancements, SEO will always lead the way. As long as Google leads the internet in search traffic and user queries, SEO will be in high demand. But what exactly is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is exactly what it sounds like: optimizing websites and blogs for search engines like Google and Bing so they show up on the top results for their targeted keywords. If your site utilizes SEO to better appear in the results for these searches, traffic is more likely to be lead to your site.

How Does It Work?

In order to deliver results to users, search engines use a technology known as spiders, which crawl the internet, analyzing every site, page, blog, and piece of content for quality and authority. Then they evaluate how to match all these contents when a user enters a search query. The higher quality and stronger authority a site commands, the higher up that site ranks on a search engine’s results page or it’s SERP. SEO helps websites reach a higher rank through the effective use of relevant keyword and analytic research and backlinking.

Why Is It Important?

Appealing to search engines is arguably equally as important for a business website as appealing to actual human users. When a site achieves a certain quality to Google and Bing, that site moves higher up in SERPs and, therefore, attains more visibility. Establishing a visible, authoritative presence is invaluable for marketing a business website, especially that most online experiences start with a query on a search engine and that the first five results on Google, account for 67.6% of all the clicks. Just imagine the visitors you can attract and potential leads you can generate.

Do You Need SEO Services in Melbourne?

If the amount of traffic your Melbourne business’s website is pulling in is dwindling and marketing efforts are ultimately ineffective, you likely need SEO services. In short, if you have to ask, you probably do, in fact, need to implement SEO services into your website and the content hosted on it.

What Can An SEO Agency Do for You?

A Melbourne SEO agency will optimize every aspect of every single page included in your business’ website and blog. Well-researched keywords will be implanted in content and meta descriptions. These keywords help search engines find content relevant to user queries and searches.

In addition, URLs and page content will be tailor-made for search engine spiders to crawl, while also maintaining a user-friendly experience for potential customers. This service will help your site produce unique, quality content that links out to other relevant sources and possess an extent of pull online from other authoritative websites as well, thereby increasing your site’s trust and authority.

Often, SEO agencies will also provide all that is needed for an effective SEO strategy. HTML services and website architecture are frequently included. Agencies usually specialize in all these areas, and will either provide you with necessary optimization, coding, and overall web design, or they will point you in the right direction of a qualified expert.

Okay, How Much Will It Cost?

Although every agency will offer a different price for their search engine optimization services, it can be easy to estimate a price for your website’s specific SEO needs. Included in many SEO service packages is content production, which will likely be the most expensive aspect of your SEO requirements. Quality content on the internet is hard to find. Most sites settle for click-bait headlines and misleading articles, filled with annoying advertisements and spam, nevertheless. We have entered an age of internet garbage when everyone with access to a keyboard can become a content writer, while an endemic of “fake news” clutters newsfeeds and persuades the public. Quality content is king and is in even higher demand than SEO services!

In addition to unique content production, social media services are often included in SEO practices. Yup, even social media accounts must be optimized for search engines to find and rank.

Who Should You Contact for SEO Services?

Ideally, an agency that operates in the same area as your business will be the most helpful in establishing killer SEO for your business site. Local SEO is often more effective than relying on a company which knows nothing about your location. SEO services in Melbourne will be able to produce local content more efficiently, including local cities, neighbouring towns, and even local happenings in your blogs, which in turn can help with your local SEO. Further, they can also create a wide social and support network comprised of other businesses and customers in Melbourne, therefore, raising the authority of a Melbourne-based business website. Does that make sense?

Sold on SEO

Under the assumption that you’ve been convinced of the vast benefits of partnering with an SEO service company in Melbourne, feel free to reach out to us at Ooze Studios to get your SEO activities going. Our team of experts works tirelessly to provide the most effective search engine optimisation for any digital marketing strategy and ensure that your site  sees a significant increase in overall traffic, the products and services your business offers appear in Google’s search engine results pages, and  that eventually, your site reaches the top of the list, as a quality, authoritative website.


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