By Jesse Ocean  |   25th June 18


What to Look For in an Internet Marketing Firm

Successful companies heavily rely on internet marketing firms for a good reason. Online marketing is vital in the information age, and businesses have realized the importance of getting on board. Hiring the right internet marketing firm can help businesses obtain new clients as well as promote your website amidst a highly competitive market.

However, with multiple internet marketing firms, all claiming to be the best can be difficult to settle for the right one.

Here’s what to look for in an internet marketing firm.

A Business-Oriented Firm

The right internet marketing firm should be able to understand your business. Internet marketing is not only about beautiful sites and generating traffic, but it’s also about getting leads and closing the deal. Look for a firm that is interested in finding out more about your business and its needs. Avoid a firm that is too focused on technical aspects.

Customer Service

Often customers are focused on the end result, and they forget to consider the customer service aspect. Choose a company that is happy to talk to you over the phone and in person. Watch out for how they respond and use your intuition to select a company that best suits you and your business needs.

Innovative and Creative

Talking about PPC, SEO, and Google AdWords may not be exciting. However, the firm you choose to work with should be enthusiastic when talking about these aspects with you. When making a comparison between different internet marketing firms, opt for one that is willing to think outside the box. A company that seeks to differentiate you from other businesses in your industry is worth giving a shot. After all, you want to be ahead of the competition and not behind them.

Check Their Ranking

One of the best ways to determine a firm’s capabilities is to Google keywords related to its services. Find out if the company has any running ads. Do they rank well? And does the company shows up on the first page of Google?

Nonetheless, do not be quick to dismiss a firm that has only been in business for a year or two if they do not tank for a generic search term. You can instead check how they perform with local SEO.

Experience in Your Niche

While success is an essential aspect, do not overlook experience. The right online marketing firm needs to have at least a few years of experience to their name. Choose a company that deals with your line of business. A company that deals with real estate might not be right for your e-commerce business. Check to see if an agency has the breadth of experience that you require to reach your goals.

Ask For References and Recommendations

Do not forget to check references for past and present clients. A company may seem like the best when it comes to experience and different accolades. Nonetheless, always ask for references to determine if a company will meet your expectations

Check How They Market Their Brand

One of the best ways to determine how any digital marketing company will market your brand is to take a look at how they market their brand. Go to their website and find out if it’s easy to navigate, if it looks professional, and most importantly, how they promote the services they provide.

If a company’s site is not something you would like for yourself, then it’s not likely the firm can market your products or services. Also, find out if they have a content marketing strategy by going through their blog. A firm that always produces fresh, relevant, and engaging content is a good sign of a company committed to reaching out to potential clients.

Do not forget to go through a firm’s social media accounts to look at their posts, shares, likes, and how they engage with their followers. This will tell you if the company is an influencer in the online marketing space.

Value for Money

Operating on a small budget could tempt you to sign up with the cheapest internet marketing firm. However, this could turn out to be a mistake because the cheapest is not always the best, especially in online marketing. Look for a company that gives you more value for your buck. You may end up wasting money with a cheap firm in the long run.

Pay Attention to What is Done and not what is said

It’s one thing for a firm to say that they deliver, and it’s another thing to get the results. Check to see what kind of results they’ve produced in the past, how they’ve built their links, what SEO tactics they use, and how they get the figures to analyse or audit a website. Pay attention to what is done, not what is said.


You don’t want to work with a firm that has secret processes that they refuse to share with you. The right digital marketing firm is honest about the tactics they use and is always willing to divulge this information. Working with a transparent firm helps you build a long-lasting relationship.


Having a budget in mind is essential. You don’t want to overspend and at the same time, you don’t want to go for the cheapest option around that will leave you disappointed. Ask for online quotes as this will help you compare the packages offered by various firms.

Online marketing can help you with brand exposure as well as results. While all the online recommendations, case studies, and testimonials won’t establish if a company is credible, do not forget to do your research and use the provided recommendations to find a company that meets your budget and is willing to provide value for your money. Use the above tips to find an internet marketing firm that is appropriate for your business.

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