By Jesse Ocean  |   3rd September 18

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Reasons Why Cheap Email Hosting is For You: A Melbourne Hoster’s Perspective

Your business requires that you communicate with your customers, respond to customer’s requests, plus you need to keep in touch with your employees and colleagues. Although there are several communication options available, such as social networks, telephone, etc., E-mail is the most preferred and convenient way to keep in touch with all your sources. You should look for the best cheap e-mail hosting to give a professional touch and improve the efficiency of your basic communication tools.

Never choose free email hosting services:

Just because you need a low-cost e-mail solution, do not contact the free mail services that are available. Free services are there for personal communication. These services are sponsored by commercials, and many serious companies tend to ignore such letters because of the risks of viruses or other malicious attacks. With a search you can easily find several reliable providers offering the best, cheap e-mail solutions.

Creates personality:

The best, cheap hosting providers will provide an email that can represent your brand. This has several advantages for you.

  • The main advantage is that it creates an indelible impression on the recipient. This is important if you are a new business and want to present your products and services for the first time.
  • Secondly, it will give free advertising to your brand. You can print it throughout your stationary – business cards, envelopes, letterheads and other office supplies.
  • Thirdly, your customers and visitors will trust your business. They understand that you are sincere and honest in your professionalism.
  • Your letters will not be ignored or missed in the game. People will show more interest in a smart corporate e-mail address than in the usual personal e-mail.

Increased safety:

The best cheap hosting providers come with firewalls and anti-spam filters. Any spam messages are automatically blocked, and this saves you a lot of time and effort when sorting each message you receive. All incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence is encrypted before it is transmitted to make sure that the connection is not being used incorrectly, even if it is intercepted,  The data that is intercepted maliciously will not make any sense and become irrelevant for them. This increases the confidence of your customers as they will feel freer to part with their financial details, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.


The best cheap mail hosting allows you to share your address book. You can add or delete an email address and share information with authorised employees or partners. You can access your email from anywhere and on any device. The e-mail server is compatible with all desktop clients, such as Outlook and Apple Mail, and supports all mobile devices, including Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone.

Web hosting can provide you with an email account

With most hosting companies out there you can register a domain name of your choice, sign up for an email hosting account, and then create your own email account with your domain name at the end of it. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. A good web hosting provider will even help you by walking you through it. The result is an email that lets people know you are serious about your business.

Use email as a troubleshooting tool

Because email is so fast and easy to use, it can be a great way to provide sales support to your customers, thus helping you to keep your phone costs down. When we use the phone, we usually feel that we need to engage in chit chat, and other banter besides the purpose of the call. Using email, you can quickly answer your customers’ or prospects’ questions and be right back working on whatever you were doing before the interruption.

Overall, email can be a very useful tool if not abused. Cheap, easy to use and quick, it can really help to boost your productivity when used properly. Ooze Studios will be ready to assist.

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