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Writing the Future: 11 Tips for a Copywriter

Creating a high-quality and powerful copy can be challenging. You need to make it eye-catching, informative and logical to influence the readers to think about the product, services or the topic you are talking about.

The chances are that you have come across some great, informative content designed to grab your attention. You will have also come across a blog that was so boring that you fell asleep while reading it. You ask yourself, what makes the two writers different?

Great content can be long or short, but it must remain authentic, ideas-driven and creative. In this article, we share here 11 tips to be a great copywriter.

1. Aim At Remaining Creative

You will not keep the attention of your readers if they find your content utterly dull and ordinary. Aim at educating, informing and entertaining your readers by being very imaginative and creative. Give yourself some time before you start working to feel your way into what you are going to write. Get in the mood by listening to favourite music or reading something unrelated that somebody else has produced and write from the heart. Some people prefer to meditate for a few minutes allowing their imagination to soar. However, you get into the zone you will need to have a stream of interesting thoughts and words as you drive on towards your goal of writing content that people can’t stop reading.

2. Be Authentic, Do It Your Way

Don’t be limited by the fact that people want to see positive content all the time. Don’t be forced to ignore the negatives. You can choose to highlight the negatives and give your readers a solution in an engaging way. Be real and brand yourself with what you write. Writing in your style helps you communicate your ideas effectively.

3. Don’t Remain In The Past, Embrace Change

As time passes, the style and presentation of content changes. Be conversant with what is trending in your niche and upgrade your skills. The content may remain the same, but the style changes. Social media channels and mobile phones have greatly changed the field of writing. Do not allow technology to face you out; let it make your work better with less hustle. A good copywriter can tell you everything in a few words and still pass on the intended message. But the few words must be well thought before implementation.

4. Be Well Informed; Thorough Research Is The Key

You do not want to present some statistics or facts that have no substantial basis, nor do you want to be completely off by giving erroneous data. Research helps you connect with the intended reader and gives you a better standing when presenting the facts. A copywriter should dig deep and wide to look for real and essential information. Dig and drill all sources, even those that your fellow writers ignore. With proper research, your content will be rich to your old readers as well as new ones.

5. Make Use Of Twitter

As mentioned earlier, social media has a significant effect on many fields, including writing. Use the Twitter page to understand your readers, engage them and remain fun and relevant. Establish your brand by being acquainted with what is currently trending. Be ready to adjust. Be flexible and talk the way your readers do. As you converse, use your style and ideas. Have your signature style that will stand out on Twitter, where there are so many people talking about different things in different manners.

6. Know Your Audience But Appeal To Everyone

Figure out your audience by uncovering the things that make them read your content. After you have your facts right, keep writing about the things they like and keep it relevant, creative and spontaneous. Although you aim to reach a specific target, it will not hurt if your style appeals to almost every person. Don’t get me wrong, when trying to appeal to everyone; you must remain within your niche. Everyone here means your dedicated readers, the not so devoted and the skimmers. Produce content that will be appealing to the three categories of readers.

7. Learn A Few Tips From The Classics

You do not have to go to a great university or college to become an outstanding copywriter. The best way of learning how to get your audience coming back is by studying the styles and approach used by great poets and novelist of the past. All you need to do to sell your brand is to learn how to engage your target by making them feel something. Appeal to their emotions. Let them connect to your brand. As they read your content, feel like it was aimed specifically at them.

8. Stop Being Too Smart And Stop Using Lots Of Big Words

Your main aim is to communicate with your readers. Don’t aim at sounding intelligent using words that will leave your readers reaching for their dictionaries. Simplicity is the way to go. Communicate as though you are talking to a child. Let the people be impressed by your research and style, not big words. Don’t use words that make the reader tired or lost while reading your sophisticated yet long sentences. Don’t use extra words if you do not need them. Use active verbs as opposed to adjectives.

9. Be Rude When Need Be

Although people swear on a daily basis and in every context, marketing has not embraced this concept. Swearing signals confidence and has a way of getting people’s attention. It is also funny when done right and keeps your readers coming back for more. The fact that swearing can be surprising and unexpected is the reason why it should be used. According to Doug Kessler companies like Air Asia stood out by using unexpected phrases.

10. Let The Headlines Sell Your Work

A weak headline is equivalent to having baseless content. Great headlines will catch the attention of all readers. Putting the wrong headline on a great piece of content will render it useless. Don’t be vague, be very clear. You want the attention to continue even if you have a large number of readers. It is essential to note that significant headline-only works if the content is rich.

11. Make Every Word Count

It is now common knowledge that readers have a very short attention span. Writers are advised to use minimum words when drafting their articles. While the above statement is true, long content will also sell as long as it remains relevant and very creative. Let every sentence in your work be delicious. Keep the reader scrolling through your long piece.

With the tips mentioned above, it is clear that for a copywriter, passion and remaining imaginative should be your priorities. Do not fear to write in your style. Be real and don’t force it; say it as it is. As the internet and use of mobile gadgets affect the writing industry, evolve with it and remain relevant.

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