By Jesse Ocean  |   4th December 17


Top 9 YouTube Moneymaking Tips

With our previous article, we helped you prepare for the various ways and means your ad revenue stream on YouTube could go wrong if it was not set up properly. Here, we show you ways and means to monetise YouTube for income. Ready to read on? Here we go!

1. Let’s Plays

The things that Pewds (or PewDiePie, as mentioned in the earlier article) and many others like him are good at are Let’s Plays. These are simply videos with voiceovers (or not) of video game playthroughs. If you think video games are not valuable in today’s industry, just remember that the USA’s annual revenue from this alone is $10.3 billion. That’s a lot of zeroes. So playing video games, getting tons of views and putting ads there is a recipe for success. If you do it right, that is.

2. Reviews

Did you know that 48% of people will visit your website after reading a company’s review and a whopping 86% will not purchase from you if you have a bad review? In a nutshell, reviews are the bread and butter of your company. Using YouTube to obtain reviews or to give reviews of someone else’s product/service will not only boost your rankings, but it will also ensure that you get your share of the pie.

3. Speculative Videos

Not the tinfoil hat theories, my friend. What I’m saying here is that your videos consist of various speculations for say, a TV show or a video game. You can use your critical knowledge and passion for a particular topic to talk about theories. How to monetise this? Put subtle ads in your videos that encourage your watchers and subscribers to watch more and thereby generate more revenue through said ads.

4. Compilations of a Theme

Remember how Buzzfeed started the entire listicle (list article) trend and now everyone is copying it? You can compile a top ten/twenty/thirty list of a particular theme and attract visitors to buy those things. It’s a little similar to affiliate marketing, which we will discuss next, but more fun, and it serves as a point of comparison for people who want to shop for a particular product or service.

5. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you use YouTube to market the products/services of another company. You get a cut from each lead turned into a paying customer. If you are a good marketer but do not have a particular product of your own to market, this is a great time to get started with affiliate marketing! Not only will it earn you plenty of payment, but it will earn you bonuses too!

6. Create a Web Series

Passionate about filmmaking? Want to get your own show out but don’t know how? Start a web series! You can choose from a variety of topics to film about and this passion can be monetised! Imagine if your videos get plenty of hits, or a famous company wants you to do their videos – your window of opportunities is endless and pays well, too!

7. Paid Tutorials

Good at something? Like to teach people about said thing? Make tutorials and upload them online! Have some free ones that are still useful as teasers and comprehensive ones as paid tutorials. Not only will you get to kill two birds with one stone, but you’ll also be benefitting both those who can pay and those who can’t!

8. Turn Your Pets into Superstars!

Tell me, when was the last time you saw a cat/dog video with under 1 million views on YouTube? None, right? Or at least; very few. Next question: Do you have a pet that does adorable things on its own? Film it and turn your pet into the next Grumpy Cat! P.S. Grumpy Cat even has his own movie now, if you doubt that this sort of thing isn’t worth it.

9. Build Your Website’s Brand

Of course, you can use YouTube to market your website as a brand. Have a channel dedicated to your website and post interesting self-made videos to draw in visitors first to your channel, then to your website! YouTube marketing is infinitely more effective than most other media forms because people pay the most attention to videos, as they are audio-visual and engage more of the senses.

These are only 9 of our top tips for making money from YouTube. If you have any more to share, comment below or if you love this article, share it!

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