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Creating a visual identity for your brand involves a number of steps. We know how to take your vision to the next level and communicate it visually with your audience. Let’s define who your brand is together.

Our team of experts will help you with every step of the way to build an amazing brand. We’ll support you in any part of your brand journey. Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, update your brand, or maybe want a completely different direction and re-brand. You can count on us to guide you through this brand journey.

Dart results target

Establish a powerful connection between your brand and audience

Your brand should stand out and make a long lasting impression on your audience. To help you effectively communicate your brand visually, we designed our creative process with 4 Cs.

4Cs of Ooze Design Process


Let’s identify your goal and design problem. We will take you through our insights and design process to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve.


Ideas are generated in this process to address the identified design problem. We consider your brand guideline and craft our design based on it. We also provide you with an initial design to review.


This is where we get to execute approved design directions and create designs for you. To ensure that design updates and revisions are communicated to you as the project progresses, we allow two rounds of revisions as we know how important your brand’s input is. We provide a rich feedback loop until the desired outcome is achieved.


For the final step, we would like to hear your feedback. Was the campaign a success? Were you satisfied with our output? We highly encourage your feedback to know if your design goals are met.

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These results are a manifestation of our culture of excellence and our collective commitment to reach our vision of becoming the best digital agency to work with in the world.

Cars On Demand

“We have been working with Jesse and the Ooze Studios team for a few months now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The attention to detail and the genuine ownership of everything they do is a constant delight. The team also consistently demonstrates clever creativity, business growth mindset and quick response times. I think Jesse and his team can bring remarkable value to any client who has the good sense to engage them.”

— Simon Kalipciyan
Owner and COO, Cars on Demand


Sam Centre
Website design and

“The SAM Centre was so happy with its choice to hire Ooze for our website project. Their strategic expertise, creativity, generosity, efficiency, patience, and genuine care to make our website unique and well-branded makes Ooze highly recommendable. We have already received great feedback about our new website. We look forward to working with them again soon on future marketing and design projects”

— Samantha McLeod
Director, Clinical Health Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Our Branding Services

Our branding services provide a comprehensive solution to help businesses establish a strong brand identity and help them stand out from the competition. Brand recognition is vital to establish trust with your audience, leading to greater business growth.

To help you further in your business growth journey, raw design files are provided at the end of the service, so you’re not locked into using just us after we complete the project with you. We also use short feedback loops from an intensive quality assessment to bring out the best design experience for you.

We got you covered for any design task you need. Check out some of it below:

• Brand identity workshop

• Core business statements (mission, vision, purpose, and UVP)

• Company voice

• Logo design

• Colour palette and font selection

• Style guide – core brand colour palette, font pairings, image selection

• Brand guidelines – extended branding colour palette, font pairings, image selection

Asset Creation

Here are the list of assets Ooze can help you with:

• Mailchimp templates

• Business cards

• Conference collaterals or banners

• Lead magnet/eBook design

• Watermarks

• Social posts

• Ad imagery

• Document and presentation templates

Asset Creation

4 reasons why clients love working with us

Always data-driven

We don’t do guesswork. Instead, we base all our development and design decisions on data.


We offer support

Our website maintenance service helps you maintain your business running smoothly and your website in tip-top shape.

Your own Ooze Pod

Get a team of experts dedicated to helping you grow your business. Providing you with personalised care and high-impact ROI-focused results.

Ooze Pod

No outsourcing

With our world-class talent doing everything in-house, you’re always guaranteed effective, efficient and seamless website executions.

What is the brand identity workshop?

Do you know who your brand is? Have you explored your brand’s identity? Is your brand consistent with its message? Does it resonate with your target audience?

With this workshop, you’ll be able to answer these questions and determine your brand personality, attributes, and compatibility with your target audience.

We’ll walk you through a creative and comprehensive journey to help identify your core attributes. After the workshop, you should be able to identify who your brand is – a brand that resonates with your audience, and at the same time, a brand that helps you achieve your vision.

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