Don’t Settle For Mediocre Designs

All it takes is having a team that truly understands the potential of your business and knows how to visually communicate it.

We know your message is important in today’s competitive world. For it to reach the right audience, you need stand-out designs that stay true to your unique values and business strategy.

Our multi-skilled in-house workforce brings together the best in branding, design, and marketing to sculpt your business’ message. We’re extremely good at connecting empathetically to any audience and understanding their needs, wants, and fears. Allowing us to design branding assets that connect with your audience and meet your business objectives.

Don’t Settle For Mediocre Designs

Put your stamp of excellence with striking brand visuals

In a sea of fierce competition, blending in is not an option. By developing our well-curated creative process containing these 4Cs, we set our clients up for success.

4Cs of Ooze Design Process


Let’s identify your goal and design problem. We will take you through our insights and design process to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve.


Ideas are generated in this process to address the identified design problem. We consider your brand guideline and craft our design based on it. We also provide you with an initial design to review.


This is where the magic happens. We execute the approved design concept and directions, and create the design assets.

We understand how important your brand’s input is. So, to ensure that all design updates and revisions are up to standard, we allow two rounds of revisions. Expect a rich feedback loop between you and our designers, bringing us one step closer to perfecting your desired design outcomes.


At the end of the project, we want to ensure that the final design outcome meets your design goals.

Was the campaign a success? Were you satisfied with our output? We highly encourage your feedback to know if we delivered what you envisioned.


Oozesome Design Assets We Can Create For You

Choose from our incredible array of design assets that will help you stand out in your industry, attract more customers and grow your business:

Comprehensive Brand Style Guide

Here are the list of assets Ooze can help you with:

A good foundation is critical for any successful brand. And a comprehensive style guide is one of the greatest assets you can have.

As we collaborate and get to know more about your business’s brand, we will develop your blueprint for brand consistency.

Think company logo, typography, colour palettes and more elements that will encompass your visual identity. This will be your unique brand style guide — your fundamental reference for uniformity in all your future brand communications.

Comprehensive Brand Style Guide

Captivating Social Media Assets

Build a strong online presence with eye-catching social media assets that will represent your business’s branding and messaging in the best way possible.

Whether those are LinkedIn/Facebook Banners, Instagram posts, ad imagery or video backdrops, we create visually appealing designs that stay true to your business’s DNA and vision.

Captivating Social Media Assets

Engaging eBooks and Lead Magnets

Offering valuable information through eBooks and other lead magnets is a great way to say, “Hey, we don’t just want to sell you something, we want to help you too!” And we know how to make your clients or customers tick and click.

Our Ooze team will transform your lead magnets to speak volumes for your brand by using colours and images that will effectively get you more leads and keep your customers engaged and informed. Because who wouldn’t want a company that goes out of its way to provide valuable content on top of their products or services?

Engaging eBooks and Lead Magnets

Exciting Conference Collaterals

Make a mark and be unforgettable at your next conference or event with professional and attention-grabbing collaterals.

We’ll create everything from banners to brochures to elevate your business’s presence and leave a lasting impression on your potential clients or customers.

Exciting Conference Collaterals

Relevant work:

Cars On Demand

With a 10-year history in the chauffeur service industry, Cars On Demand had already amassed a good brand following.

It was Ooze’s job to rejuvenate the branding. After careful planning and workshops, we collectively decided adding gold was the best remedy. Therefore, adding colour and vibrancy to the reliable black and white.

We also created new branding assets such as PowerPoint slide templates, letterheads, and business cards, among other assets.

Why customers love working with us

Always data-driven

We don’t do guesswork. Instead, we base all our development and design decisions on data.


Excellent communication and collaboration

We are proactive in communicating when it comes to any design updates. Your thoughts and feedback are important to us so we always put you in the loop.

Your own Ooze Pod

Get a team of experts dedicated to helping you grow your business. Providing you with personalised care and high-impact ROI-focused results.

Ooze Pod

No outsourcing

With our world-class talent doing everything in-house, you’re always guaranteed effective, efficient and seamless website executions.

Branding and Websites

But wait! There’s more…

We also offer these additional design services that will take your business branding to the next level.


A successful business starts with a strong and consistent brand. Let’s define who your brand is together.


Ux and UI design are paramount in capturing and retaining your site visitors. We will help you build a new website or revamp your current one to be visually stunning, optimised for conversion, easy to navigate, user-friendly and engaging.

We create to inspire

Our happy and satisfied clients are a testament to our culture of excellence and commitment to becoming the best digital agency to work with in the world.

Cars On Demand

“We have been working with Jesse and the Ooze Studios team for a few months now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The attention to detail and the genuine ownership of everything they do is a constant delight. The team also consistently demonstrates clever creativity, business growth mindset and quick response times. I think Jesse and his team can bring remarkable value to any client who has the good sense to engage them.”

— Simon Kalipciyan
Owner and COO, Cars on Demand


Sam Centre
Website design and

“The SAM Centre was so happy with its choice to hire Ooze for our website project. Their strategic expertise, creativity, generosity, efficiency, patience, and genuine care to make our website unique and well-branded makes Ooze highly recommendable. We have already received great feedback about our new website. We look forward to working with them again soon on future marketing and design projects”

— Samantha McLeod
Director, Clinical Health Sport and Exercise Psychologist

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