Instagram And Facebook Advertising With ROI-focused Results

We have completed 40,000 hours of ad optimisation work for our clients over the last 8 years. We know how to launch and optimise successful campaigns that deliver ROI focused revenue. Our marketing scientist approach to campaigns means we haven’t had to niche into a specific industry. We’ve successfully helped SME’s from all industries.

Our focus: Driving revenue at a consistently healthy ROI

Vanity metrics, like impressions and clicks, do not pay the bills. That’s why we focus on revenue x ROI. We look at your whole marketing funnel to drive the best results for your business. From user engagement at the ad level through to website interaction and sales conversion.

We do this by optimising twice per week, every week, leaving no ad (stone) unturned. We check every campaign, analyse their performance, and use the data to adjust all parts of the funnel. Whether it’s your audience settings, ad creative, or checkout process.

Partnering with us means getting these guarantees

No lock in contracts

Instead, we provide you value every month. We tailor our services to your needs. Not the other way around.

We never set and forget

We monitor and optimise every campaign twice a week, every week. We learn fast and improve faster so no dollar is wasted.

Your own Ooze Pod

Get a team of experts dedicated to growing your business. Providing you with personalised care and high-impact ROI-focused results.

No outsourcing

We’re a one-stop shop so you don’t have to go hunting for contractors or niche agencies. With our world-class talent doing everything in-house, you’re always guaranteed effective, efficient and seamless marketing executions.

Every campaign has one end goal:
Helping you reach your business objectives

Whether it’s generating leads or increasing sales, we’ll help you turn Instagram and Facebook into your very own marketing machine. Helping you see similar results our clients have achieved over the years:

  • Boost in revenue at a great ROI
  • Consistent flow of new quality leads with a heavy reduction in cost per quality lead
  • Accelerate sales for slow-moving products
  • Turning excess inventory into cash
  • Increase in average basket size for returning customers, and frequency of purchase. Thereby increasing your average annual value per customer
  • Increase in customer advocacy measured by customer referrals

We haven’t niched in a particular industry because our marketing scientist approach allows us to be agile and ROI-focused across any industry.

HYPOXI: 4x increase in ROI

Using Facebook lead forms to capture cold and remarketing audiences, HYPOXI acquired a steady stream of quality leads for their 50+ individual studios across the States of NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, and WA.

“Working with Ooze Studios over the past few months has been absolutely amazing. From their friendly creative interpersonal approach and wide range of expertise, to undeniable improvement of bottom line results. I see them as a long term partner and highly recommend.” – Fiona Stewart, HYPOXI

We know how to dominate your audience’s Facebook and Instagram feed

There are so many different ad campaign types to choose from. But where exactly do you begin? With over 40,000 hours of optimisation under our belts, we know it all starts with defining your goal, target audience and the whole customer journey. Then creating the right platform strategy around them.

The whole Facebook and Instagram marketing funnel can be dissected into 3 parts: prospecting, re-engagement and retargeting. With our extensive experience in paid advertising, copywriting expertise and our data-driven approach, we’ll help you attract customers wherever they are in their buying journey.

Reach new audiences

We drive brand awareness and expand your customer base using Facebook’s different targeting options. Want to reach a new audience that has similar traits to your existing customers? We help you do that with lookalike audiences. Do you have a specific segment you want to pursue? We create hyper-targeted campaigns through Facebook’s extensive audience filters such as interests, behaviour, and location.

Reconnect with people who already know your brand

We drive sales by reaching potential customers who at one point have shown interest in your product or service. Whether they’re your followers or have seen one of your ads, we’ll help you bring them further down the funnel with ad creatives and sales pages copy that build trust and speak to their objections.

Remarket to sales-ready customers

So you have customers who have visited your site and spent some time learning more about you. By using pixel-based and customer list-based targeting, we’ll help you effectively do that last gentle nudge. Matching ad copy and offers based on the actions they took, so they can’t help but return to your website and complete a purchase or conversion.

We don’t just know who your audience is:
We know what makes them tick and click

Through our comprehensive ideal buyer research, we find and analyse patterns to create your audience personas. We then conduct empathetic experiments to fully visualise these personas, identifying their pain points and aspirations, annoyances, trigger words, and how they want to be spoken to.

This allows us to uncover actionable insights about you customers’ buying motivations, and identify the right message and power offer that best resonate with them. So your customers always choose you, time and time again.

Highlight client results

These results are a manifestation of our culture of excellence and our collective commitment to reach our vision of becoming the best digital agency to work with in the world.


UI / UX design

Improved user satisfaction pre vs post-new website launch

Result = 6.4/10 => 9.7/10

Facebook and Instagram ad campaign

Acquired a healthy stream of quality leads for over 50 individual studios

Result = Cost per lead decreased by 400%


B2B lead gen campaign

Acquired and nurtured high-quality niche B2B leads for client to convert

Result = ROI at 350%

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