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B2C Marketing

ROI-focused Marketing for The Cafe Supplier



The Cafe Supplier is an Australian-based company supplying cafe-related products to businesses across the country. With a vision to become the largest cafe supplier in Australia, they approached Ooze Studios to help them increase their monthly recurring revenue, optimise their return on ad spend (ROAS), and improve their organic search conversions.

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Before partnering with Ooze Studios, The Cafe Supplier faced various challenges in their digital marketing efforts. The company’s website was not ranking well on search engines, while their Google ad campaigns were not generating enough conversions. That’s why they needed a partner to help create, implement and optimise marketing campaigns, and ultimately improve their organic and paid traffic.



Our team worked closely with The Cafe Supplier leadership team to develop and execute a marketing strategy that would help them achieve their goals. We identified their ideal customers and conducted detailed research to gain a deep understanding of their buying behaviours, preferences and pain points.

Using this information we optimised their website for SEO, ensuring it was easily discoverable by search engines and ranking well for relevant keywords. We also created high-quality blog posts that appealed to their target audience, positioning The Cafe Supplier as an authoritative source of information on cafe products.

For their ad campaigns, we combined Google text ads and shopping ads to reach potential customers at various stages of the buying journey. Whether they were just starting to research products or were ready to make a purchase.

We identified the most relevant keywords and created compelling ad copy to attract potential customers, encouraging them to click through to the website. We also used different bidding strategies to maximise The Cafe Supplier’s ad budget while ensuring we meet the target revenue and number of conversions.


Our efforts led to remarkable improvements in The Cafe Supplier’s online presence and sales. Through continuous testing and optimisation, we were able to achieve a consistent minimum ROAS of 10, ensuring that every dollar spent on advertising generated a healthy return.

We also helped transform their organic ranking profile by adding 50 transactional product keywords into the top 3 organic search results. This led to a significant increase in relevant traffic to the website and improved brand visibility.

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Our work with The Cafe Supplier is an excellent example of how SEO, content and ad expertise can be leveraged to drive growth and improve ROI. The Cafe Supplier was now able to reach a wider audience and attract new customers, leading to sustainable growth and increased revenue.

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