Case Study:
B2B Marketing

Building a Niche Lead Funnel for Data Agility



Data Agility is an Australian-based data analytics firm that provides data analytics, information management, project delivery and managed services. They have an impressive client list that includes household names and federal and state government agencies.

Their primary goal is to increase their brand presence and generate high-quality leads. That’s why they partnered with Ooze Studios to help them build an effective lead funnel to attract clients from east-coast government agencies.



Data Agility is focused on reaching a niche target market that has its own unique pain points and aspirations. They knew their existing marketing efforts weren’t quite getting the job done. So they needed to find a way to boost their visibility and attract more prospects to their business.



To help them get more clients, our team developed a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy that aimed to increase visibility and draw more qualified leads their way. We optimised their LinkedIn profile and created a content calendar that included weekly posts and engagement opportunities with target prospects.

We ran targeted Google and Facebook ad campaigns focused on reaching the right audience with highly relevant and engaging messaging. By conducting deep audience research, we were able to capture their aspirations and pain points, and create messaging that was highly effective.

We also developed a content marketing strategy that included monthly blog posts on the Data Agility website. Our team used the latest data trends and insights to create engaging and informative content that appealed to the target audience.


The multi-channel marketing strategy we implemented for Data Agility generated impressive results. Our campaigns brought a consistent stream of leads into their CRM on a weekly basis, which boosted their revenue and improved their sales pipeline.

Not only that but our weekly content creation and publication had excellent tier 3 metrics, indicating that the content resonated well with their audience.

We also increased Data Agility’s LinkedIn network by 1,300 targeted connections, which helped expand their reach and visibility in the niche market they were targeting.



Our success with Data Agility is a true testament to the power of innovative marketing and audience research. By leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and our impressive content creation, we were able to establish the firm’s online presence, generate high-quality leads, and increase their revenue.

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