By Jesse Ocean  |   19th November 17


Expressing your Expertise with LinkedIn Content

Your sales team is experienced, savvy, and most likely already on LinkedIn. But are they utilising their online presence in the best way? Could they be using their profile and expertise to better promote your business?

Here are a few practical, easy solutions that can help your team make a digital footprint that is bound to leave an impression and attract customers to your company’s experts.

Why LinkedIn?

“80% of B2B marketing leads sourced from social media come from LinkedIn.”

People come to LinkedIn to source knowledge. They are looking for your expertise, and your employee profiles are just as effective as your company page in generating these leads.

Completing your LinkedIn profile is your first order of business. It establishes your professionalism right from start. For your team, it’s their online resume and cover letter all in one—but it’s not just an opportunity to sell themselves, but also your business. Your employees can promote their skills and expertise in your business, linking your website, content and your company’s LinkedIn page to a multitude of local and global networks operating on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn’s new Sales Navigator service your sales team will be able to use algorithms to help establish a targeted range of warm leads that make for successful conversations. How? The Lead Builder feature will allow you to create a shortlist outside your current network, based on the specific search parameters you choose. Your sales team will be able to tag these leads, make comments on their posts and build rapport. When these leads see your team’s completed profile, filled with industry insight, the attraction will certainly be mutual…

Come for the profile, stay for the content…

“6% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn.”

With so much information available online from various sources, consumers now undertake significant research before reaching out to a business. How will you set yourself apart from other competitors in the digital space? Simply put, by creating and sharing informative content that will express your expertise.

There are two kinds of content you can share: your own, and from wider-industry experts. Regular sharing of updates, business and industry articles will reflect your sales teams’ interests and indicates they have their fingers on the pulse of business advancements. This digital footprint shows visual growth in your sales team’s knowledge base and helps start conversations with other B2B influencers that will put your company’s services firmly in mind.

Creating original content is a great opportunity to express your company’s collective expertise and really set your company profile apart on LinkedIn. By creating your own content and being willing to share your expertise, you will show prospective B2B leads that you want to be the decision-makers in your industry. Your content marketing strategy can be a mix of formats; from videos to opinion pieces that build your brand through the value of the knowledge you can impart. Finding the right topics and capturing your voice can be hard, so that’s where content marketing experts like Ooze Studios can help out. They can work with your sales team to market their expertise online and assist with long-form posts that will really resonate with your target audience and grow your brand. A continual approach is always recommended: LinkedIn research has found that, on average, usually 10 pieces of content are consumed before a purchase decision is made. Ooze Studios has the advice and tools to manage or help you create your own content marketing campaign that will assist your sales team in building their online presence and generating leads.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving your sales team the best marketing tools to sell your company’s value. By building their digital profiles through content sharing, your sales team can establish a network that funnels back to your company, your website and your bank account.

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